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I have quite a selection of space books to share with you which could be a great little project for you and your littles. Amongst some very factual books about space I’m sharing titles that make great enjoyable reads for young readers also. Hopefully you find some of these titles in your local library and if you don’t do enquire whether they could be reserved from another library or perhaps even ordered in, you never know they may well oblige.

When we Walked on the Moon by David Long and illustrated by Sam Khalda

This is such an insightful read, recommended for 7 year olds and up. This non-fiction book is a narrative from astronauts of the Apollo missions. Readers are not only presented with facts but there are many a story that are sure to find readers shocked and amused. The book intends to bring astronauts to life and it does this so well. The book really highlights all that makes such missions possible, emphasising team work, intelligence, engineering know how and the dedication and bravery of the astronauts. I’ve really enjoyed reading this book and sharing various facts with my husband and my girls. Towards the ends of the book readers are introduced you to the different astronauts who completed various missions, detailing their work background and what they did post Apollo missions. Such a great book.

Balloon to the Moon by Gill Arbuthnott and illustrated by Chris Nielsen.

Balloon to the Moon is a fantastic book which not only celebrates 50 years of the first moon landing but also takes readers on a historical journey of various innovations of flight including the hot air balloon. The book has been wonderfully illustrated and is a nod to 1960s style. At the start of the book there is a great timeline to explore and then chapters are presented including, Rockets, Race to the Moon and The Far Side of the Moon. There is so much information to soak up and it is a great read for children 7 year olds and up. A fantastic resource for a learning setting which was written by a former science teacher complete with stories about various space explorers and happenings of the time giving readers a brilliant insight.

I want to be an astronaut illustrated by Richard Merritt.

I want to be an astronaut diverse board book

Readers are introduced to a child who wants to be an astronaut. Along the way readers learn a little more about the role including how your food floats when you’re up in space. The book also includes an introduction to the solar system.

The book has been illustrated brilliantly and there is also a mirror surprise towards the end of the book.

Such loveliness and there are others in the series too. Libraries, you need this in your board book section.

Scratch and Learn Space by Lucy Brownridge and illustrated by Victoria Fernàndes.

Scratch and learn Space book review

My girls are huge fans of the scratch and learn series. The entire series is absolutely great and their latest publication all about space does not disappoint. As well as the book being an interactive one which readers can scratch panels away to reveal illustrations there are many facts to discover and a find and seek game to complete too. Once complete the book makes a wonderful reference book. It’s sturdy format makes this a great book to take along with you whilst travelling and other titles include, Animals, Word Atlas and Human Body.

Astro Girl by Ken Wilson-Max

Let me introduce you to Astro Girl.

Oh Astrid, we love your ambition, observing your relationship with your dad and we thought the ending was pretty ace too.

Astrid is a young girl who wishes to be an astronaut. She is inspired by someone very special in her life. Whilst spending the day with her daddy they discuss what it entails being an astronaut. The points mentioned are great learning points to explore further with young readers but I appreciate the way they are cleverly included within the story.

As well as the inclusion of expert vocabulary relating to space, at the end of the book there is a wonderful informative page highlighting inspiring women who have done exactly what Astrid wants to do.

Seek this book out, it’s great. As well as being an enjoyable, diverse read it’s a book I’m sure many young ones in learning settings will love as much as my girls and I do too.

What is the Moon? by Katie Daynes and illustrated by Marta Albarez Miguéns.

What is the moon? Book review by

Young readers will delight in this brilliant book answering questions all about the Moon. With lift the flaps amongst bite size chunks of information, this is a great book to inform and would be a wonderful resource for young readers in all libraries. Amongst the brilliantly detailed illustrations you have children who just like it’s readers what to discover more, asking questions like, What shape is the Moon? What’s the Moon made of? Can you visit the Moon? A brilliant book recommended for toddlers and up.

Counting on Katherine by Helaine Becker and illustrated by Dow Phumiruk.

 Counting on Katherine book review on

This fantastic book celebrates the life of Katherine Johnson and how her passion and intelligence for mathematics lead to brilliant achievements. The book has encouraged so much discussion between my eldest daughter and I as the book makes it clear how at the time of Katherine’s childhood and whilst growing up there were many inequalities due to prejudice of those who did not have fair skin. Katherine was an intelligent, determined individual who eventually went on to do amazing things including putting astronauts on the moon. I am delighted to have this book in our home library. Complete with appealing illustrations this is a must have for all libraries.

Toto by Ximo Abadia

Toto is a donkey like no other. He has big dreams and is determined on becoming an astronaut. Though his plans don’t go entirely the way he imagined Toto remains focussed. This wonderfully presented book is such a treat, written and illustrated by Ximo Abadia. This is such an endearing story and we can all learn from Toto, young and older. You can see more of this book in a review I previously wrote here on my blog Book review: Toto by Ximo Abadia.

Whatever Next by Jill Murphy

My girlies enjoy picking this from the library as we don’t have a copy at home. I have lovely memories of sharing this with reception class children I’ve taught in the past. The book is older then me, first published in 1980.

Baby Bear heads off on an adventure before bath time. He finds resources around the home and is equipped to zoom to the moon. His imagination, his befriending of an owl and honest description of being on the moon makes this an enchanting, enjoyable read. The book is a lovely resource to use when exploring night and day and of course space. The illustrations capture the adventures so well and my girls love the use of black and white art as well as coloured illustrations. A book that I know makes a colander a very popular piece of kit when completing some bookish play.

Molly’s Moon Mission by Duncan Beedie

Molly’s Moon Mission is a story based on a determined, ambitious, young moth who wants to visit the moon. Not phased by others lack of encouragement, who repeatedly tell Molly that she’s rather small, Molly works hard to complete her moon mission.

We think Molly is fab and I love how my girls have been introduced to a hardworking character who perseveres even when things aren’t going to plan.

I contributed to the blog tour for this book and wrote a review here on my blog, complete with a craft you might like to try Book review: Molly’s Moon Mission by Duncan Beedie.

The Big Beyond by James Carter and illustrated by Aaron Cushley.

The Big Beyond book review on

This brilliant book presents information about space travel in an informative and engaging way using poetry. The combination of flowing stanzas skilfully written by James Carter alongside bold illustrations really bring this book to life. This would be a wonderful text to use in a learning setting representing how informative and different poetry can be. The book makes for a wonderful read aloud and along the way readers can learn all about Galileo, witness space missions and see how the curiosity of man has led to a great many discoveries. This is a very unique book that is superbly presented and one I highly recommend you seek out if you would like to learn more about the history of space exploration. I would recommend this book for 5 year olds and up.

The Usborne Book of the Moon by Laura Cowan and illustrated by Diana Toledano.

The Usborne Book of the Moon book review by

Recommended for 6 years and old up The Usborne book of the Moon is an interesting book not only touching on the scientific aspect but also explores how the Moon is significant in mythology and in particular religions and cultures. Throughout the book you have super illustrations to enjoy and it’s brilliant to see the inclusion of individuals who perhaps are less well known in western history such as Mariam al-Asturlabi, maker of astrolabes. This could be a great gift for young and older readers.

Small World by Ishta Mercurio and illustrated by Jen Corace.

Small world book review on

To see the importance of learning, to be hardworking and be open to imaginative ideas can lead to a great many things and Small World brilliantly represents this. Ishta Mercurio and Jen Corace have created a wonderful book that I would recommend for 6 year olds and up. Amongst the engaging, diverse illustrations rich in colour and culture you meet Nanda. When Nanda was a baby the whole of her world is the circle of her mother’s arm but of course as she grows and matures Nanda becomes more independent and her world expands. Her understanding of change and patterns is represented in the discussion of shapes and materials mentioned throughout the book. Nanda is inquisitive and her wonder and hardwork in her studies leads her to become an astronaut. Now she is able to see her world, Earth, in a different light.

Moon by Patricia Hegarty and illustrated by Britta Beckentrup.

Moon by Britta beckentrup book review

This beautifully illustrated read is one my girls have often read for bedtime. The descriptive, rhyming text by Patricia Hegarty paired with the rich illustrations by Britta Teckentrup makes this read so captivating. Many of you I’m sure will have read this book already but there are some great learning points to expand upon including the various habitats and nocturnal animals. The peek through pages also add so much intrigue and also reflect the moons changing shape. A gorgeous book indeed.

A selection of books relating to space and the Moon, do hope you’ve enjoyed.

Disclaimer: Many of these books were sent to us from the publishers with the exception of Whatever Next which was borrowed from the library. All words and opinions are entirely my own and books were selected by me to be included in this piece. This post contains affiliates links.

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