Welcome to Mamma Filz. I’m Filza, a mamma to an energetic toddler and precious new born. I’m a Geordie who loves travelling, partial to a slice of chocolate cake and keeping my toddler busy with sensory, crafty, “Am I really learning?” preschool fun.

In the past I have enjoyed writing and even began a blog a year ago. Sadly, (and very annoyingly) the website (not WordPress) decided to wave goodbye to all its avid bloggers and all their gorgeous content. I thought starting a new blog in 2017 would be a positive step towards me no longer begrudging the blogging scene but more importantly to share experiences and document my thoughts.

Mamma Filz intends to be a space filled with parenting joys and advice that I can pass on, toddler and baby activities, book reviews and recipes. I hope that these topics will entice you to visiting my blog as well as being representative of Filza, my family life, my culture, my beliefs. Sharing is definitely caring and if my sharing leads to helping someone, even in a teeny tiny way then that’s just fab. I’m also rather excited about what I could learn from you, so please do share your thoughts and ideas but let’s play nice : ) .