Book review: Molly’s Moon Mission by Duncan Beedie.

Duncan Beedie is a well known name in my home as my girls, eldest in particular, thinks his books are rather fab. Last year we shared a brilliant book that Duncan Beedie wrote and illustrated The Last Chip. That story is based on a very hungry pigeon and Duncan’s talented writing really got you thinking about different themes embedded in the story including homelessness.

Front cover of book Molly’s Moon Mission

This year Duncan Beedie’s newly published book Molly’s Moon Mission is a read based on a moth, Molly. I am delighted to be taking part on the blog tour and shall be sharing a crafty idea shortly. My girls and I think Molly is magnificent so naturally we wanted to make her but first let me tell you about the book.

Character Molly the Moth sat in her home.

Molly’s Moon Mission is based on a young moth who yearns for an adventure. She is the eldest moth child in her home and has many responsibilities including looking after her energetic larvae siblings but Molly really wants to visit the moon.

Illustration of Molly the moth unfettered by negativity.

Molly is small, she is a moth after all, and she is repeatedly told that her aspirations of visiting the moon will forever remain a dream. Visiting the moon is no easy adventure particularly when you’re as small as Molly but that does not deter her. You see Molly is determined, she has self belief and as the story progresses she gets stronger and more confident.

There are failed attempts, some a little comical in that Molly mistakes a lamp post for the moon. But Duncan Beedie’s inclusion of such attempts are important in sharing with young readers that with determination AND hard work you can do great things. Also, a failed attempt shouldn’t simply be seen as something that went terribly wrong but a positive lesson that needs to be reflected upon.

Molly does have a moment in the story where she starts to question such lessons. Is she silly to think someone as small as her can visit the moon? Should she just give up? Well a crab nips a stop to that thinking and shares encouraging words with Molly that makes her feel great again.

Molly the moth reunited with her mother after her adventure.

Though there were struggles and lessons learnt, Molly does successfully visit the moon. She certainly has an adventure whilst visiting and on her return her mum is absolutely delighted that her sweet Molly made it to the moon. Will she be the only one in her family to visit outer space? Molly certainly doesn’t think so.

Duncan Beedie again has skilfully written and illustrated a super book. The book highlights the perseverance Molly has. The illustrations through out are brilliant and I’m so pleased that my little ladies have met a character as driven and focussed as Molly. So much so we had to make our own Molly.

Making a moth craft.Adding colour to moth craft

Molly was first drawn on cardboard by my 4 year old daughter. We talked about the different shapes Molly consisted of and I think you’ll agree my daughter did a great job. After adding a splash of colour wings were then made.

Completed moth craft with no wings Wings for moth craft

We were keen to have a craft that moved so we added split pins to her wings and also a lolly stick at the back. Molly’s wings will move without the lolly stick but by using the stick, both wings will move together. In order for it to work successfully you need to stick the stick down on the edge of each wing with blu tac or tape ensuring that it’s not touching the split pins. Moth craft complete with split pins Moveable moth craft using split pins and lolly stick.

Then when you gently move the stick down you will find both wings move at the same time.

Here is our Molly craft in action…

To read more about Molly’s Moon Mission and to find out more Duncan Beedie do visit the other fantastic book bloggers who are also taking part in the blog tour.


Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book from the publishers. All words and opinions are my own. This post does contain affiliate links.

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