Book review: Toto by Ximo Abadia.

Toto by Ximo Abadia is a story centered around not giving up on your dreams. I am delighted to have been introduced to the talented work of Ximo Abadia who wrote and illustrated this book. Ximo Abadia is a highly acclaimed artist who has illustrated many books and I was not surprised when I discovered that his work, in 2017, was selected for the Bologna Children’s Illustrators Exhibition. Ximo Abadia’s work is striking.


Toto is the main character in the book. He is a donkey who is ambitious and has big dreams. He doesn’t want to be carrying loads all day long, he wants to be carried in a rocket and become an astronaut. He finds it difficult to open up to his parents but he eventually plucks up the courage and announces that he needs to leave home to follow his dreams. He promises he will return and leaves for the city.


Living in the city is testing for Toto but he is determined to make enough money to pursue his dreams. He encounters knock backs and sadness whilst living in the city but he also meets a wonderful family who support him.

Though Toto experiences hardships his focus is always to become an astrounout. The story has a wonderful way of gentle reminding children that sometimes things don’t always go to plan but we should never give up on our dreams. Toto is so focussed and I’m pleased to share that his hard work certainly pays off and his dreams do come true.

The book is brilliantly illustrated with a focus on primary colours. I adore the contrast of dark and light colours and the ever changing background colours on each page, so engaging.

This is great story of determination, highlighting that dreams can come true but you need to make it happen through hard work and commitment. I’m sure young and older will appreciate this beautifully presented read.

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