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Welcome to my latest blog post. I’m sharing picture books that could make wonderful gifts for Father’s Day or perhaps you just want to spoil a significant male in your life. I hope my piece represents the many different hobbies and passions significant one may have. Let’s begin with some picture books featuring interesting dad characters first.

The Way to Treasure Island by Lizzy Stewart.

I have been so eager to read this book since I shared it in my piece about forthcoming books of 2019. My girls and I love Lizzy Stewart’s work and now her latest picture book, The Way to Treasure Island is published. Lizzy Stewart has done a wonderful job at introducing a father and daughter duo who love each other dearly but who are entirely different from one another. Amongst the superb illustrations you have conversations between Matilda and her dad that are so realistic. Keen to find treasure Matilda is all set to explore and it turns out dad wants to come also. Both are explorers but they go about adventures in different ways. Matilda is methodical whereas dad can get distracted very easily. They persevere and look hard for the treasure and along the way they appreciate each other’s qualities and unique ways. Most of all they always have fun together. Such a splendid, enjoyable read with a sprinkle of humour and surprise.

Party For Dads by Adam and Charlotte Guillain and illustrated by Ada Grey.

Anna is a young girl who feels that birthday parties for adults can be a little boring. She wants to change things for her dad’s birthday and decides that he is in need of a party with a difference. A party which includes fun games, dressing up, lots of yummy food and a party which is not too dissimilar to what her friends would attend also. Party for Dads is a fun, easy read that rejoices in celebrations. The diverse read has comical moments which alongside the detailed illustrations makes this a rather entertaining read. This could well be a book that inspires little ones to throw their dad, grandad, a rather special celebration.


Raj and the best holiday ever by Seb Braun.

In Seb Braun’s latest release we meet Raj and his father again. The first book featuring this fun duo, Raj and the Best Day Ever   was a book enjoyed by my girls and I so we were excited to see what Raj got up to next. Being a parent can be the most difficult job in the world. At times  parents can put so much pressure on themselves as they want things to be just so for their children. Raj and his dad go camping and Raj knows that that are going to have a brilliant time but can Raj’s dad live up to his expectations? Once they arrive at the camp site dad has difficulty in putting up the tent, it becomes cold and windy and there are bears who are noisy but mean well. Dad is adamant in completing things himself and is not keen to accept help from anyone, leaving a frustrated Raj looking on. The book is an exploration of a precious bond between a father tiger and his son. It is realistic and highlights that being present in each others company is wonderful and that if you accept help it is not a sign of weakness. An enjoyable read indeed.

Now on to hobbies and interests that could be explored through picture books. The following recommendations may well be a great pick to gift to a significant male on a celebratory day.

Plant, Sow, Make and Grow by Esther Goods.

This fantastic non-fiction read is a great one for budding gardeners. The book is divided into seasons of the year with activities that could be completed during those months. Ideas include making your own hanging bottle tomato container, creating a bug house, planting potatoes, pressing flowers and exploring what compost is all about. There is such a brilliant range of activities to choose from complete with step by step instructions and hints and tips along the way. I love how the book encourages you to recycle things like toilet rolls and bottles and to incorporate these into some gardening fun. The book is a wonderful, approachable introduction to gardening and the activities could be lovely to complete as a family.


Fast Forward The World’s Most Famous Race Tracks and Race Cars by Adam Skinner and illustrated by James Gilleard.

Sports journalist Adam Skinner has written a book that motor racing enthusiasts will adore. 18 iconic moments in the history of motor racing are explored in this brilliantly illustrated read full of facts, car statistics, and race track details. James Gilleard’s art work is a feast for the eyes and the book is sure to be approved by young and older readers. Cars included are the Porsche 911, E-Type Jaguar, Holden Commodore and Lotus 38. The book is inclusive of a glossary page and its large size makes it brilliant book for shared reading time.

Super Scientists – 40 inspiring icons. by Anne Blanchard and illustrated by Tino.

This fact file series of books is brilliant. As well as Super Scientists there are other titles in the series including Fantastic Footballers, Music Legends and Black Music Greats. The books are stylishly completed with modern graphics and bursting with facts about inspiring icons. In Super Scientists readers can learn more about a diverse range of scientists including Marie Curie, Neil Degrasse Tyson, Vera Rubin and Ada Lovelace. This series would be a fantastic resource in a learning setting and a must have for libraries.

The Phoenix of Persia by Sally Pomme Clayton and illustrated by Amin Hassanzadeh Sharif.

The Phoenix of Persia is based on a story from the Shahnameh written by Iranian poet Ferdowsi in the 10th century. The book will be greatly received by someone who enjoys firebird folklore and fairytales. Complete with striking, whimsical illustrations the story is centered around a king who is waiting for the arrival of his son. When born it is discovered that the child has white hair and is banished to the forest. The story shared is a mythical tale highlighting the importance of family, questions the meaning of wise and explores how to forgive. As well as enjoying the book together by using the QR code within the book readers can also enjoy music telling the story. Information about the instruments used in the music piece are explored at the back of the book. A brilliant accompaniment telling the story in a unique way.

Planet Fashion by Natasha Slee and illustrated by Cynthia Kittler

This book is absolutely brilliant! Planet Fashion explores 100 years of fashion history. There are 25 scenes of fashion history for readers to truly immerse themselves in alongside bite size chunks of information. The scenes are representative of fashion from around the world including Canada, India, United Kingdom and the United States of America. Fact boxes on each double page explore the time, place, key designers and tends of that time. Timelines at the back of the book also go into great detail about silhouettes, shoe, hats, bags and more. This is a celebration of all things fashion with superb illustrations throughout.

Supersize Cross Sections Inside Engines by Pascale Hedelin and illustrated by Lou Rihn.

Supersize Cross Sections Inside Engines is an informative, fun, varied read all about the insides of machines, buildings and vehicles. The read is a museum in a book and is sure to be well received by many, I know my two little poppets dadda will love exploring the book. There are a total 16 double page scenes to explore. Each scene is complete with cutaways that enable readers to see exactly how the inside of a machine works. The labeled parts of information are not too text heavy so when grown up is not reading the book it would a great pick for STEAM enthusiasts and reluctant reader. This is a fabulous read.


The Lost Book of Adventure from the notebooks of the unknown adventurer.


This book is absolutely amazing and if you haven’t read a copy I would recommend you hunt it down. After discovering a metal case filled with notebooks, journals and sketchbooks in a remote part of the Amazon, Teddy Keen, compiler and editor of the book spent two years to create The Lost Book of Adventure. The Unknown Adventurers message was clear to “be good, be adventurous” and their wonderful notes and sketches shall support many an adventure. The book is split up into different chapters including Camp Wild, Useful knowledge, Rafts and Shelters. Each page is absolutely fascinating, crammed with useful information, tips, advice and accompanied by such wonderful sketches. The notes were so thoughtfully complied by the Unknown Adventurer and now many others can benefit from this persons knowledge and passion for exploring the natural world. Tales written by the Unknown Adventurer are also included in the book adding much  excitement and suspense in addition to all the other information shared. This could well be a gift that many are envious about.

I do hope you’ve enjoyed my recommendations, I have certainly enjoyed compiling this piece.

Until next time, happy reading.

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Disclaimer: I received these books from the publishers however, I chose to include the books included in this piece. All words and opinions are entirely my own. The post contains affiliate links.

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