Book review: Tales From Nature, First Words and bath books from Words and Pictures.

Welcome to my latest blog post which is a celebration of preschool books published by Words and Pictures. From bath book to nature books, this post is dedicated to the youngest of readers.

Colours and Shapes bath books illustrated by Ana Seixas.

Colour and shapes bath books on

These new cheery bath books are super first concept books especially designed for water fun. The books allow young ones to engage in early mathematics in a very fun and accessible way. The books are foam filled, light and very squeezable. As well as being great books to be played with in the bath, they could be used in early learning settings in the water area also. As well as introducing children to shapes and colour, each book encourages the exploration of new vocabulary and highlights to children that reading can indeed be done everywhere.


Count 123 and First Words by Jane Ormes.

Board book review of first concept books on

Oh these books are scrumptious. From the wonderful art work to the little peep holes for young reader to explore, these books are sure to go down a treat. Count 123 explores numbers 1-10 counting with animals and the natural world. There are peep holes on each page connecting the pages with an illustration that makes it seems its part of the page you are on. The book would be a wonderful book to have on an exploration table in an early learning setting and my 2 year old was rather taken by the book too. The book First Words shares vocabulary of everyday life with categories such as clothes, food and animals. This book also has peep holes to encourage little hands to explore and though the art work throughout is engaging and colourful, set against a while background makes them stand out and far less overwhelming for readers. Fantastic preschool books.

Tales From Nature Bee and Tales from Ladybird by Magali Attiogbe.Board book review of Tales from nature

The Tales From Nature series is wonderful and the next two in the series, do not disappoint. Both books would be a brilliant addition in a young readers library and each book is very informative too. Each board book follows a simple story but provides a great introduction to nature for young ones. The books incorporate vocabulary such as nectar, antennae and larvae amongst brilliant art work, peep holes and flaps for readers to remain immersed and engage with the entire book. Readers are taken on a journey into the wildlife and in turn will be more informed about bees and ladybirds and may well encourage some outdoor nature hunting. Absolutely super books.



I am sure you will agree these books are wonderful . Do keep your eyes peeled for a giveaway that will be going live soon across my social media.



Disclaimer: I received these books from the publishers in exchange for an honest review. As always words and opinions shared are my own. This post contains affiliate links.

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