Book review: Raj and the Best Day Ever! By Sebastien Braun

Sebastien Braun is a talented illustrator and author who we are big fans of. His work has previously featured on the blog Can you say it too? Growl! Growl! Raj and the Best Day Ever is his latest picture book release and my girls and I think it is super.

Raj and the best day ever

Raj and his super Dad are a fantastic duo who just happen to be tigers. They plan an epic day and are both really organised with a list made of where they want to go and a bag packed filled with everything you might need, when out and about with a young one. I am pretty sure these familiar scenes of preparations before heading out will have many adults nodding away.


Their first stop is the library and of course a library card is needed to take Raj’s favourite book out but…Dad doesn’t have his wallet!


It is clear to see that Raj is a tad disheartened by his Dad forgetting his wallet and of course this could have a big impact on their plans! However, Raj’s Dad is pretty fab and is determined to not let this change their day of fun. He has to think quickly on his feet and the activities that both of them subsequently do together are full of imagination and Raj loves them.


From pretending to drive race cars to nature play, Sebastien Braun shares lots of ideas through the story that will have many children wanting to try them too. One of my eldest daughters favourite parts of the book is when Dad makes a portrait in the park using all things nature. She loved it so much that she made her own art work of a great day she has had with her dad in the park.


We continue to enjoy this brilliant picture book. The book is relatable, it is colourful and has a rather funny ending. It also reminds adults and readers that spending time and not money and playing together can make the most memorable days ever.


Disclaimer: We received this book from the publishers however, all words and opinions are entirely my own.





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