8 Brilliant Autumn/Fall Picture Books

Autumn is such a fun season with all the brilliant colours, conkers a plenty and smiles of children as they kick the leaves fallen from the trees. There have been certain books that my little ladies have particularly enjoyed this season so far which I will be sharing in this post. This isn’t an exhaustive list but a realistic one on books my 2 and 4 year old have been reading frequently.

Owl BabiesOwl Babies by Martin Waddell and illustrated by Patrick Benson is such a class picture book and one my girls absolutely love. First published in 1995 it continues to be a read enjoyed by many with simple but emotive text and illustrations that are truly stunning.

Three young owls wake up in the night to find that their mummy isn’t beside them. It’s dark in the woods and Bill, the youngest owl, really misses his mummy. Sarah, the eldest does her best to reassure her young siblings giving explanations as to why mummy isn’t there but as the wait gets longer even she doubts if mummy will ever return.

The book is so true of how children, just like adults, can worry to. The vulnerability of all three owls is shown so well and the sheer relief they have when mummy returns is heartwarming. As well as being a touching read it is an insightful read for young readers cleverly informing them of an owls habitats, food tastes and showing that animals like children can have anxiety over darkness and separation.


*Rose’s Red Boots written by Maura Finn and illustrated by Karen Erasmus is a colourful read representing the season so well. It has been a popular bedtime story full of sweet illustrations and great descriptive language.

This would be a wonderful book to use in a learning setting for early years and up with text that could be matched with actions, representing the fun you can have with language including great examples of repetition and onomatopoeia. The illustrations are gentle and light and I’m sure would inspire watercolor paintings. A lovely read that gives readers an opportunity to accompany Rose on her walk.

img_3206That’s Not My Hedgehog written by Fiona Watt and illustrated by Rachel Wells is a fun, interactive, sensory filled board book that my youngest continues to enjoy. These books are great for babies and up with it’s repetitive sentence starters, introduction to descriptive language and different textured parts for little hands to explore. There are so many in the series now but this one has to be one of our favourites which we often borrow from the library.


*Say Hi To Hedgehogs, written and illustrated by Jane McGuiness is also another hedgehog book my girls have been enjoying. This debut picture book is an absolute delight combining narrative with facts. You can find a review of this book here which I did a few days ago.


*Storm written and illustrated by Sam Usher was a book that I reviewed as part of touring picture book. This wonderful read is full to the brim with appealing illustrations and celebrating and beautiful relationship between a grandfather and grandson. You can read the full review here.

img_9026-1Millie Mae in Autumn written and illustrated by Natalie Marshall. I bought the book  months ago and now with the new season here my girlies can relate to the story. The book is an insight into autumn with a simple story and touch and feel parts brilliant for my youngest. There are others in the series too which we are yet to read but shall certainly be keeping an eye out for.


Pip and Posy and the Scary Monster illustrated by Axel Scheffler and written by Nosy Crow. We are big fans of Pip and Posy and this book is perfect for this season, with its beautiful illustrations inclusive of the Autumn colours and cute pumpkins.
It’s raining and Posy is a little bored so she decides to bake but then she hears something at the window and she sees a very big hand that is all furry! Oh no, who could it be?
Thankfully a certain someone was playing dress up and all ends well with Pip and Posy having a lovely picnic complete with freshly baked cakes.

*Rosie’s Walk is a classic picture book written by the late Pat Hutchins. It is a humorous read based on Rosie the hen and her walk from her chicken coop. completely unaware, Rosie is being followed by a fox on leaving her coop. The sly fox does his best to catch Rosie but along the walk he repeatedly gets caught up in awkward situations including stumbling into bee hives. The book encourages young readers to really observe the illustrations that have a very retro feeling colour palette as the book was originally published in the 70’s. The book has little text but encourages the use of positional language and prepositions. It is brilliant to see a picture book classic available in a board book format and its small size makes it a lovely accessible read for little hands to explore.

And there we have eight picture books that my girls have really been enjoying this season. I do hope there is something amongst them that has caught your eye or perhaps there is a picture book that has been super popular in your home or learning setting. I would love to know. I hope your November is going wonderfully and until the next blog post, bye for now and happy reading.

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. All words and opinions are my own. Titles marked with * were gifted to us from publishers or The Book People.

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