Book review: Say Hi to Hedgehogs by Jane McGuinness.

Welcome November! My latest blog posts seem to be taking an animal friendly lead and this one continues such a pattern.

The adorable front cover of Say Hi To Hedgehogs is so inviting and a rather informative read also. This is a debut picture book written and illustrated by Jane McGuinness and published by Walker Books.

My girls absolutely adore this book and it does so well in catering for both their ages (2 and 4). You see at the start of the book a girl entices readers in by prompting them to listen carefully. A hedgehog is nearby and his sounds are rather intriguing. The narrative continues to tell you all things hedgehog and this element of the book is great for both my girls. In addition to that and in a smaller font, there are more detailed facts connected to what’s been shared on each page which aren’t lost on my inquisitive eldest daughter.

The book follows hedgehogs throughout the year and this makes the book a great tool to use when discussing seasons and how animals needs change each season. From what hedgehogs enjoy eating to being introduced to small hoglets, it’s all included in this book.

Each double spread is gently illustrated with adorable art work that has used a variety of textures and a palette of natural colours. I love the illustrations.

This book would be a brilliant addition to a home library and the book could be greatly used in learning settings. The book could be used for topics such as life cycles, nocturnal animals, endangered animals and autumnal reads. The text is always written in keeping with it’s target audience.

This is a fantastic debut picture book by Jane McGuinness. It informs young readers of an animal that once could be easily found and going beyond the book, it suggests how you could make outdoor space more hedgehog friendly. Wonderful.

I’m sure your young readers will enjoy this book. Happy reading!

Disclaimer: I chose this book which The Book People gifted to me, thank you. All words and opinions are entirely my own.

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