Book review: The Rabbit Problem by Emily Gravett.

We were delighted to find this brilliant book during our last library visit. First published in 2009, it’s a book that I’ve never seen before and one my girlies hadn’t come across either.

Emily Gravett has done a brilliant job at completing a book that is full of curiosities all about rabbit life and is presented in the form of a calendar.

Each double page is full of fantastic illustrations, stuck on notes and an edited calendar just as you would expect a family calendar to be.

The book would be a super book to have in a learning setting or perhaps on a discovery table. It would be ideal to use when talking about months of the year, seasons and how each season is significant to animals such as rabbits.

Each time my girls and I share this book it encourages a whole range of questions which I love!

I have placed this on our ‘wish list’ but for now we are enjoying our library copy.

This book is sure to make you giggle and it certainly gives you more insight into the monthly goings of rabbits. A great book indeed.

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