Book Review: Can You Say It Too? Growl! Growl! By Sebastien Braun

Just the other day I was reading with my youngest daughter and I came away feeling so happy in the way Baby responded. Baby is now 9 months and as many have said before, the months have flown by.
I share many books that both my girls enjoys but sometimes the reaction you get from particular books reminds you why reading to your child is a gift and a gift that each child should receive every day.
Can you say it too? Growl! Growl! By Sebastien Braun is a book of ours that is well travelled. It has been to local places, accompanied us on many a day trips and also flown with us on long haul flights. We received this book from a friend of mine when my eldest daughter (now three) was approaching one. She has enjoyed it many times and now Baby is enjoying it too.
The book is based on animals hiding and the sounds they make. Baby, like many others loves to play hide and peek a boo and the book plays it too asking “Who’s that…? The lift the flap then reveals who is hiding followed by the name of that animal and the sound they make. Visually stimulating, interactive and recognisable animal noise fun.
The flaps are large and very sturdy. Baby loves to lift the flaps. When she did it the first time independently I was beaming. That followed by her giggling at the animal noises well that to me just represented what reading to children should be about, utter delight.
I look forward to her being able to say the animal noises herself.
The final page of  the book adds a little more cuteness to the mix with two lift the flaps revealing some tiger cubs. So adorable. The colourful illustrations keep young ones engaged and the thick pages allows for ickle hands to explore easily.
The question that repeats on each double page ” Who’s that…?” makes the text more memorable and with the positional language following adds to more learning being achieved. Super.
Baby got so excited about this book the other night and I really wanted to share that. Babies are never too young to enjoy a story and hopefully in reading to them you will witness some precious moments with them too.

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