Book review: Lift and Look- Flowers and Plants by Tracy Cottingham

In this post I will be discussing a great non-fiction read from Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew published by Bloomsbury.

I had a sneaky suspicion that my daughters would enjoy Tracy Cottingham’s work. She has recently illustrated two books which form part of Bloomsbury’s Lift and Look series. I included the books in my blog post back in January, however, I needed to be patient and wait until March for publication

Published on the 8th March, Lift and Look Flowers and Plants by Tracy Cottingham is proving a popular read in our home already.

Little One holding book

The book is beautifully illustrated and is a fantastic introduction to non-fiction for younger ones.

The hardback cover and sturdy thick pages makes it an accessible book for ickle hands and perfect for both my 1 and 3 year old. This book would also be a brilliant introduction to non-fiction in pre school and early years settings.

Tracy Cottingham’s work is such a delight and the opening page is so inviting!

Opening page

Each double page has a short statement or question encouraging you to discover more by lifting the page sized flap.


What is revealed under each flap is an invitation to discover. Names of new flowers on this particular page is introduced and the illustrations and labels are easy to understand and identify.

What’s also lovely about each page is that it is so detailed. The illustrations not only looks at the flowers and plants themselves but also at the animals that it attracts. This in turn encourages more discussion and more for young ones to spot amongst Tracy Cottingham’s work.

There are 12 pages to explore including information on herbs, leaves and trees.

The book is a brilliant introduction to flowers and plants. It is encouraging a fondness for nature and the book would be a wonderful resource to use whilst outdoors. There are also so many wonderful activities you could do post reading this book including picking herbs,  a visit to the flower shop and investigating your own garden to see what flowers and plants can be found.


It is so lovely to see a non-fiction book that is produced well for pre schoolers and one that is focused on nature. I’m sure you agree that the illustrations are fantastic and the colours used are realistic and warm.


Thank you so much to publishers Bloomsbury for sending us this book.




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