13 Picture books of 2018 we are excited about.

New year, new…books!

After completing much research, finding out what forthcoming picture books are out there (something I have found rather fun) I have compiled a list to share. Of course there are many more picture books yet to be published and soo many I do not know about but ones I have found I am definitely excited about.

 Sharing my wish list for my two girls (1 year old and 3 year old).

I am Enough by Grace Byers and illustrated by Keturah A Bobo – Published 19th Aprilimg_7127

I think the title speaks volumes! This looks like a brilliant, inclusive read because indeed being you is enough. The book is written as a lyrical ode and one I look forward to reading aloud to my girls.

Tiger Lily by Gwen Millward -Published 5th April


This book explores big emotions and would be a brilliant book to not only share with your little ones but perhaps a great book to share in the classroom. Tiger in this book is rather mischievous but as the story progresses his behaviour gets worse and the fun they first had when they thought running away was a good idea, suddenly doesn’t seem like such a good one. This could be a great picture book to explore feelings and aide a good discussion about emotions.

Be Kind by Pat Miller Zietlow and illustrated by Jen Hill  – Published 13th Marchimg_7809

We can all learn from this inclusive book which explains that it doesn’t matter how big or small your act of kindness it, we can all be kind. I cannot wait to share this with my girls and look forward to exploring kindness further. The touch front cover, with its happy yellow umbrella is just so frame worthy. It looks like a heartwarming read.

The Rabbit Listened by Cori DoerrfeldPublished 13th March


Experiencing loss can be such a difficult and testing time but as this book shows everyone responds to loss differently. Sometimes we may just need someone to listen to us. This is expected to be a tear jerking read but one I want to have in our picture book library.

Ava and the Rainbow (Who stayed) by Ged Adamson – Published 1st February

AVAAva adores the rainbow that she spots outside and longs for it to stay and not to disappear. Much to her delight it does stay but then slowly the interest for the rainbow begins to fade. Ava learns appreciation in this story and that sometimes the most special things can be rare and very precious. You may recognise Ged Adamson from his recent publication Shark Dog. We are excited to read all about Ava and this splendid rainbow.

Hidden Figures The True Story of  Four Black Women and the Space Race by Margot Lee Shetterly and illustrated by Laura Freeman -Published 8th Marchimg_7412

Margot Lee Shetterly and Laura Freeman have made a true story about four talented, intelligent, African American mathematicians working at NASA, into a child friendly picture book. I don’t normally watch films before reading books but I did on this occasion and wow, this real life story is an inspiration. These four women overcame so many barriers in the 1960s and did so well in a challenging career. This is a must have.

The Rhythm of the Rain by Grahame Baker Smith – Published 5th Aprilimg_7812

This looks like a stunning book and friends it is a non-fiction read. The book is all about the water cycle exploring Issac and Cassi’s story connected to water. I am sure my eldest daughter will find this book intriguing and of course she will be learning along the way, perfect!

Bird House (A Clover Robin Book of Nature) by Libby Walden – Published 8th Marchimg_7128

My girls are real bird watching enthusiasts. They both enjoy exploring outdoors and particularly enjoy seeing which birds come to visit our garden each day. I immediately thought of them when I saw this book and I know it is a read they will very much enjoy. Oh and did I mention there are lift the flaps? Oh it looks so lovely.

Kew: Lift and Look Bugs and Lift and Look Plants and Flowers by Tracy Cottingham – Published 8th March



How beautiful do these board books look? My little nature explorers I am sure will be delighted with these super illustrated, interactive (yes with flaps) books. These books are stylishly done and we look forward to seeing more!

Hello Paris! Hello New York! By Christopher Franceschelli and illustrated by Geraldine Cosneau – Published 1st May

                                         img_7846    hello new york

My husband and I love to travel and having children has not stopped us. My girls have explored and we’ve been blessed to have taken them to places like Australia and New York. When I saw these board books I smiled, genuinely. Of course I haven’t seen inside but I get happy about books to do with different destinations. Perhaps its the traveller in me. If the front covers are anything to go by I don’t think we will be disappointed with the illustrations that await us inside. There is also die cut detail inside. These are high on my wish list.

What a Wonderful Word by Nicola Edwards and Luisa Uribe – Published 5th April 2018


The words included in this book are a celebration of words from all around the world and include facts about the word and the culture in which it came from. I love this book already and I haven’t read it! This just sounds amazing.

Just Like Mummy by Lucy Freegard –  Published 1st February

just like mummy

My girls and I adore Lucy Freegard’s work and we are rather excited about this book. We have Lucy’s book Just like Daddy and if this one shares any similarities, I am sure it will be a heart felt, captivating read.

The Piano by Marika Maijala and Juha Vivta – Published 6th April 2018


This bright, fun book is all about young ones finding something rather interesting outside. . a piano! I adore the front cover of this book and who wouldn’t with those whimsical illustrations, they just look a delight. Who does the piano belong to and what will happen to it now? I am sure my piano playing enthusiastic older daughter will love this. (Note: she can’t play the piano yet but her Great Grandma is rather talented at playing).

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about all these brilliant picture books I have found. What an exciting year of picture books to come.

If I have made any errors with publication dates (UK) I do apologise. Just let me know and I will amend.

Happy reading.

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    1. Ah I’m so glad to hear that some of the books caught your eye.
      I am Enough does look amazing doesn’t it. That cover is just gorgeous.

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