Book review: 100 Facts Solar System by Ian Graham and 100 Facts Science by Steve Parker.

This week marks British Science Week celebrating science, technology and maths from the 9th March-18th March. I aim to introduce you to books which connect to these subject areas this week and I began the week with a preschool friendly read all about gardens and plants.

The books included in todays blog post are aimed at school aged children, 7 and above.

Miles Kelly Publishing have produced a 100 Fact series which aims to provide interesting, factual content that is easily understood and accessible to young, school aged children and up.

Each 100 Fact series book is full to the brim of information presented in a style one would expect of non-fiction reads. The books include vivid photos, diagrams, illustrations and are experimental in its page layout. However, each fact is numbered so by the end of the book you have reached your 100th fact.

100 Facts ScienceThe organisation of the facts presented in this way allows children to perhaps not be overwhelmed by the text in front of them, particularly for reluctant readers. Each double age is dedicated to a particular topic area with the numbered facts within it. The bite size chunks of texts is a great way for children to get excited about new learning and in turn make it easier for many children to recall the information.img_0942

The 100 Facts Science written by Steve Parker looks in to many areas of science and applies it to things children can relate to including science on the move, noisy science, science in nature. The book, though it covers a lot of ground is realistic and states from the start “Even one hundred books like this could not explain all the reasons why we need science,” however, it is a great start. The book also includes activity ideas for children to consolidate what they have read about.


100 Facts Solar System written by Ian Graham with its inviting front cover, includes some amazing photography. Fact files, quiz questions and its, I DON’T BELIEVE IT, fun facts, makes this a great read in keeping with its target audience. The book is also supported by the Society for Popular Astronomy (SPA) and assisted in the completion of the book.


The 100 Fact series is an appealing way of getting children to explore a topic area that they enjoy. Both books included in this blog post would be a great resource to use both at home and at school. Other books in the series include Dinosaurs, Animal Life, Coral Reef and many more. Happy reading!


Thank you to Miles Kelly publishers for sending us these books.



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