Book review: Sometimes I feel …Sunny and Gregory’s Grumpy Day.

Once Upon a Time Book Bundles have recently started selling book packages all about emotions. These little bundle includes two picture books:

Gregory’s Grumpy Day by Nicola Call and Sally Featherstone.

Sometimes I Feel…Sunny by Gillian Shields and Georgie Birkett


Gregory’s Grumpy Day is a small sized hard back book with bold illustrations. It is a book that realistically discusses the emotion grumpy and the examples used are very relatable ones for children. Feelings can be such a complicated concept for young ones but books like this are sure to help.


Gregory isn’t having the best of days and as a result of it he’s feeling rather grumpy. So much seems to happen to little Gregory including him falling over and hurting his knee and his friend Marta dropping his dinosaur model.  As the story gives examples of why Gregory is feeling this way it proves a stronger tool, in my opinion, then a book that just states emotions.

Thankfully Gregory’s grumpiness subsides once his mummy comes to collect him and states that “Sometimes I have a bad day too.” She also knows that a visit to the park may be just what Gregory needs.img_1066

Having read this to my daughter a few times now she sometimes refers to parts of the story when something similar happens in her day. The book is filled with lovely illustrations and the speech bubbles used make the conversation clearer for children and emphasises the importance of talking your feelings through. The book is an inclusive read and it is also lovely to see that the book features a boy and girl highlighting that we can all feel the same emotions regardless of what gender. 

At the end of the book there are also “Top tips” of how the book could be used to further explore emotions with your child and gives some lovely suggestions of various activities. There are other books in the series that I will definitely be keeping an eye out for.


Sometimes I feel…Sunny is a large, bright picture book with the most adorable illustrations. It is an inclusive read featuring children of different ethnicities and gender. The thick pages and rounded edges make it a very child friendly book.


When my toddler and I read the book I did initially feel that there were quite a few emotions discussed within one book. However, as the book is perhaps more lengthy then some picture books, the book could be explored in a couple of sittings, particularly if being read to little ones younger then three. My daughter, perhaps overwhelmed by the content initially enjoyed it being read to her again and also appreciated the bright illustrations.

The facial expressions used in the illustrations really do help in understanding how a child may feel when experiencing that particular emotion. There are also many similes used within the book to aid a child’s understanding  “Sometimes I feel funny, like a crazy, clownish clown.” These similarities may perhaps be a little lost on some children under three however, it could be a book that also grows with them and as they mature will gain a better understanding of the language used. The rhyming text used throughout the book makes it a fun read aloud book.


The book would be a good one to refer to when discussing a particular emotion and would make a brilliant book to discuss in a classroom environment. I also feel that it would be a great book to explore before a child begins a school setting as it highlights that each day we will all feel different feelings at different times. Some emotions that may be felt can be quite strong emotions and it is important that children are aware that occasionally this may be the case.

The book bundle includes two very different books connected to feelings. One book which highlights various emotions and the other that is focussed on one feeling and is told through a child friendly story.

I think the contrast of books are a good one and the selection chosen would be ideal for children three years and upwards.

For more information about this particular book bundle and others that Once Upon A Time Book Bundles do please visit their website here.

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Disclaimer: I received the books from the book seller for review purposes however, all opinions are my own.



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