Book review: The Game of Lines by Herve Tullet 

The Game of Lines by Herve Tullet. Published by Phaidon publishers. 
The bright colours of the front cover drew me to this book and when I opened the book I was convinced I had to get it. This book is just so innovative and true to Tullet style. It is a brightly coloured pinktastic book that has no words but introduces little ones to these wonderful pages of bright lines. 
My daughter, Little One was younger then but now she finds it fascinating. It’s a great introduction to art, sharing the contrast of colours, the unique lines and patterns on each page and even the way the pages are formed with flaps and fold out parts. It shows that the book you produce can be as unique as you and opens up a world of imagination.
The book is completely wordless and has no  characters just focussing on the bright pink and yellow colours. We’ve used it as a backdrop when playing with small world and it has also inspired us to complete paintings on these colours alone.
This book isn’t perhaps for everyone but the uniqueness of this book needs to be appreciated. I adore that Little One opens this book and makes up stories as she wishes too and follows the lines with her teeny toddler fingers. 

Have you enjoyed a Herve Tullet book? What was it about the book you liked? As always, I would love to read your comments. 

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