Review: My Deen children’s Islamic magazine.

My Deen magazine is a monthly children’s magazine that aims to teach children about Islam in a fun, practical and engaging way.

The team behind My Deen magazine appreciates that one magazine really can’t suit all age ranges and to maximise understanding they have three magazines. They have magazines for  5-7 year olds, 8-11 year olds and to my delight 2-4 year olds.

The age group, 2-4 year olds is definitely a tricky one so I was rather intrigued to see how the magazine would be. Also, although there are three magazines released each month aimed at children of different ages, the underlying theme of that months magazine is the same. I though that was fantastic and if I had older children it would be a great way to share and encourage conversations around the same topic.

After Ramadan our magazine arrived and my daughter, Little One, and I were so pleased. Firstly, we loved the front cover, so inviting. I also think it’s adorable and so inclusive. Little One couldn’t wait to have a read.

The magazine has 23 pages and there is no advertising throughout.  It is filled with a good balance of Islamic related teaching and activities that are there to enhance your child as an all round learner.


As well as activities connected to Islam there are also mathematical activities, learning about your senses, learning the Arabic alphabet and questions asked to encourage your child to think about themselves.



The underlying theme of the magazine in the issue that we received was Giving Thanks to Allah (God) and the contents were definitely in keeping with that, including an explanation of the Arabic word Alhumdulillah, stories and places to reflect.


Another great feature about the magazine is that there are specific poster pages which would make great keepsakes and could easily be hung round the home. The illustrations and colours used throughout the magazine are super and in keeping with its target audience. Parents also receive a letter with each magazine which gives pointers and suggestions on how activities could be completed with your child. The magazine also encourages photos to be sent in on work children have done, connected to the magazine, so that their work can be featured. I am sure many children would be absolutely thrilled if they saw their work in a magazine!

The age group that the magazine is aimed at, 2-4 year olds, is an interesting one as of course it includes pre-schoolers and some who are school ready. The activities in the magazine are age specific but as every child is unique some four year olds may find some of the activities quick to do. Such activities could be further explored through questioning or the child could be encouraged to complete the activity entirely on their own to encourage independent learning. You could also consider whether or not the next magazine aimed at 5 year olds would be better suited.

I have never bought an Islamic magazine for Little One (3 years old) but I would highly recommend this one. Little One has had lots of fun using this magazine and it is one we have completed, a few pages at a time, together.

For more information you can find My Deen on social media as myDeenclub. You can also find them here.


Disclaimer: I received the magazine in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.


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