Book review: When I am Bigger by Maria Dek

When i am bigger book review by Maria Dek

If you’re looking for a counting book in sequential order this isn’t it.

This is a unique, imaginative, number book that will encourage readers to try various things, inspire them to aim high, be kind, have lots of fun and if they would like to count too there is lots of opportunity for that here.

Book review when I am bigger by Maria Dek

The book actually begins from number 9 with the numbers increasing as it wishes too.
“When I am bigger, I will have 9 ideas every second.
Just before breakfast,
I will start the day with 11 special dance moves.
It will be crazy cool.”

The artwork throughout the book is absolutely brilliant. Oozing with fun, capturing nature beautifully and cleverly representing the amount of the digit mentioned in the text.

When I am bigger by Maria Dek

It’s a sister book to When I am Big, which we are yet to read but rather excited to seek out now.

I’ll also add that I love the slightly smaller then A4 size of the book. Perfectly formed.
The book is written and illustrated by Maria Dek and published by Princeton Architectural Press.

Disclaimer: A copy of the book was received for review purposes. Ad-pr

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