Everything Under the Sun written by Molly Oldfield

Everything under the sun by Molly Oldfield

Everything Under the Sun is a brilliant collection of questions answered for every day of the year, plus one extra for a leap year.
Molly Oldfield’s award winning podcast Everything Under the Sun is the inspiration behind this fabulous book.

Everything under the sun book review

Published by Ladybird books, this book is full to the brim of fabulous information on many question, such as, Why do crabs walk sideways? How were the Egyptian pyramids built? How can cheetahs run so fast? Who were the first king an queen? How much plastic is in the sea?

Everything under the sun book review

But who chose many of these questions for the book? Children from around the world. Perfect. Names of which are all included toward the end of the book.

Everything under the sun Book review W

The book is beautifully presented and includes the work of twelve illustrators, Momoko, Beacerocchi, Alice Courtley, Grace Easton, @manumontoyae @apaintedmouse Lisa Koesterke, Gwen Millward, Sally Mullaney, Laurie Stansfield.

This would be a such fabulous gift and may well entice readers on a journey of more research and more questions!

The book is out now.

Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book from the publisher, for the purpose of review. All opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links

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