Book review: Eco Girl by Ken Wilson Max.

This is such a sweet read encouraging readers to embrace the outdoors and take care of the trees in our beautiful world. The book is published by Otter Barry Books, Pr product.

Eve enjoys the forest need to her home and she decides that her favourite tree is the Baobab tree. Eve wonders what it would be like if she could talk to trees and her mother gently explains the significance of patience. Something Eve becomes rather good at practicing.

Eco Girl by Ken Wilson Max

On the day of her birthday she visits her wise grandmother. Together they visit a forest where a surprise is waiting…

Eve is surrounded by her beautiful family who are attentive and oh so loving.
Grandmothers surprise is such a thoughtful one and will have Eve connected to the forest for many years to come.

Eco Girl by Ken Wilson Max

Eco Girl is a heartwarming read that shares the continuation of family tradition. Complete with informative back matter, this is a lovely book for libraries everywhere, written and illustrated by Ken Wilson-Max.

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