Book review: How to Mend a Friend by Karl Newson and Clara Anganuzzi.

How to mend a friend by Karl newson and Clara anganuzzi on

This is a heartwarming and tender read based on empathy and friendship.

Author Karl Newson created this book whilst he was having treatment for cancer. He shares that though it was a very dark time for him, the support he had around him is something he won’t forget. Some of those feelings he experienced, he has shared in this book and states that the book is a thank you to all those who were there for him.

How to Mend a Friend by Karl Newson and Clara Anganuzzi on

Along with Clara Anganuzzi’s adorable and tender illustrations that brilliantly brings this book to life, you have a great book exploring that how you’re feeling is important and that being you matters.
It can be tricky sometimes to know how to be in situations when friends or family are feeding sad. Will the right words be said? Do they want to be left alone? Maybe they aren’t ready to share?

How to Mend a Friend by Karl Newson and Clara Anganuzzi on

The book explores all the ways a person may feel during trickier times. The young girl and her animal friends explore the various ways somebody might feel when they are upset, like being quiet or needing a hug or just wanting to watch television. Though as a friend or a close one we may want to “mend” them, feelings need to be respected and the book shares various ways that we might try to let a friend know that we are there for them.

The book is a brilliant pick for Empathy Day and beyond It would be a great resource for discussing how people experience sadness in different ways but also the idea of hope and being an empathetic friend.

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