Book review: The Bench by Meghan, Duchess of Sussex and illustrated by Christian Robinson.

The Bench by Meghan Duchess of Sussex,

This week saw the publication of Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, debut picture book. Though many have been quick to critique the book pre publication and before even reading a copy, I can assure you that I only ever review books which I have read.

It’s so beautiful to see books that celebrate many fathers.
Of course there isn’t a mould but still too often we see lack of representation not only in ethnicity and visual disability but also in positive fathering.

The bench by Meghan duchess of Sussex on

The text is soothing to read aloud. My girls instantly recognised the rhythmic pattern of the poem which was written to mark the first Father’s Day with Meghan’s son Archie.
My girls appreciated Robinson’s appealing and warm, watercolour art, a first for him, which prompted memories, and also had them openly talk about emotions, for example a boy crying whilst he sits on a bench with his father. Such artwork also discouraging the idea that boys need to be a particular way, with more examples in the book.

The bench by Meghan duchess of Sussex on

Not this book though, this book wonderfully introduces many families to readers. It shares fathers who support their child, fathers who are present, fathers who allow their child to express their emotions and ultimately the many ways that these things represent love.
True to illustrator Christian Robinson’s passion in sharing stories that reflect diversity, many fathers are included in the art.

The bench by Meghan duchess of Sussex on

The last double page spread brings you back to what looks like Meghan’s world, perhaps it’s her illustrated with a new baby in tow and her husband and young Archie on the bench. The two are indeed the people that made her heart go “pump pump.”

The bench by Meghan duchess of Sussex on

What a lovely keepsake for Meghan’s son and husband. A read that shares a father and sons bond beautifully and how love can be shown in various ways.

Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book from the publisher, Puffin, for review purposes. This post contains affiliate links.

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