Book review: Move, Mr Mountain! By Francesca Sanna.

Originally published in German, Move, Mr Mountain has been translated in a number of languages and now it is published in English by Templar.

 Move, Mr Mountain! By Francesca Sanna book review

Award winning author, illustrator, Francesca Sanna whose work includes the emotive book The Journey and My Friend Earth, which Francesca illustrated, has created a striking read which would be a great pick for cosy reading time including #EmpathyDay on the 10th June.

 Move, Mr Mountain! By Francesca Sanna.

The unlikely friendship between Mr Mountain and a young girl named Lily, doesn’t begin so positively. Mr Mountain has witnessed many things, shares his patience and calmness but the young girls insistence on him moving so she can see more around her, gets him rather rattled.

 Move, Mr Mountain! By Francesca Sanna.

There is something that they both share in common though and that is the beauty of the outdoors. Their nature filled surroundings, the wonderful views from the top of the mountain and the idea of exploring more of the world get them both very excited.

 Move, Mr Mountain! By Francesca Sanna.

But, one day the young girl is nowhere to be seen. Where has she gone? Will she return to chat and admire the views like old times?
Sharing how seeing things from another perspective is an important theme in this book. Double page spreads full of nature filled artwork using earthy tones are appreciated. And the inclusion of a strong female protagonist, of colour, in the outdoors, are some of the wonderful reasons why this would be a great book to keep a look out for.

Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book from the publisher for the purpose of review. All words and opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links.

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