Book review: I am not a label by Cerrie Burnell and Lauren Baldo.

I am not a label book review by Cerrie  burnell

An informative and inspiring read that would be a fantastic addition in all libraries.
Readers are introduced to 34 exceptional individuals who share self belief, motivation and are determined.

People from around the globe, past and present are celebrated in this brilliant book. Stevie Wonder, a musician, Wanda Dîaz-Merced, an astronomer, John Nash, a mathematician and Helen Keller an author and educator are included.

Author Cerrie Burnell, who you may recall, was a presenter on CBeebies, and believes “Everyone deserves to see someone like them in a story or achieving something great.” Cerrie, an #ownvoices author has created a wonderful collection of exceptional individuals. My girls and I have been reading this in parts, learning about one or two people at a time which has often led to further research using books we have or the internet.

All 34 people in this book have a disability or mental health issue but their achievements are diverse and brilliant and their disability is only part of what makes them who they are, they are not a label.

Double page spreads include a portrait and concise biographical accounts of each person. The illustrations by Lauren Baldo are expressive and engaging and the design of the book is super. My four year old especially loves the front cover and it’s colours and she enjoys tracing her fingers over the title.
This is a great book.

Disclaimer: The publisher provided us with a copy up of the book for the purpose of review. All words and opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links.

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