Book review: Wolf Girl by Jo Loring Fisher.

Wolf Girl by Jo loring fisher

Wolf Girl by Jo Loring Fisher is an utterly captivating read which added some magic in our home when it arrived. The double page spreads evoke so many emotions of the main character Sophy and the story sensitively explores her overcoming of shyness.

Wolf girl by jo loring fisher

Making friends isn’t always easy and then there’s trying to fit in. Sophy enjoys being a wolf girl in her cuddly fancy dress outfit, so much so that she even wears her costume to school but those around her aren’t particularly kind. As readers we become irritated at the way people react to Sophy, the way in which she gets laughed at but then moments later something surprising and magical happens. This unexpected visit to a snowy land provides Sophy with a way of seeing things differently and she finds her bravery, her strength and acknowledges the importance of kindness. Could these be the ingredients that will help her in making new friendships?
This is a beautiful book that explores a relatable topic. It would be a lovely addition to a learning setting and could be a fantastic read to inspire some stunning art.
The #WolfGirl is written and illustrated by @joloringfisherillustrates and is publishing on January 5th but you can pre order it.

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