Book review: I’m sorry by Barry Timms and illustrated by Sean Julian

I’m sorry book review on

Friendship and emotions are explored in this lovely read based on two animals. Written by Barry Timms and illustrated by Sean Julian, this would be a fantastic resource for learning settings.

Scribble the Squirrel and Swoop the Owl are two dear friends. They decide to live together and make a tree house their beautiful home and it comes with outdoor space, a veranda, perfect!

Book review I’m sorry on

Oh the plans they each make for the veranda but then whilst changing it everything turns into a bit of mess and then a quarrel begins! There are cross faces and shouty voices and before you know it readers witness two dear friends who are very upset. Will they ever make up?

I’m sorry book review on

The process of them dealing with all these emotions is a great insight for readers. What could be the best way of dealing with this situation? Saying sorry may well help but is the sorry heartfelt? What exactly does that mean?

I’m sorry book review on

This is a great book that unpicks apologising.

Complete with bright, sweet illustrations this is a book that is written sensitively perfect for many a bookshelf.

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