Book review: A little bit worried by Ciara Gavin and illustrated by Tim Warnes.

Book review A little bit worried by Ciara Gavin on

A Little Bit Worried is a great book exploring worries, friendship and empathy. Written by Ciara Gavin, illustrated by Tim Warnes and published by Little Tiger, this would be a great pick for readers due to embark on new things like starting school and equally a super story encouraging lots of discussion around the themes highlighted.

A little bit worried book review

After getting caught up in a storm Weasel builds a fortress. It’s his new home and safe place, albeit lonely, but Weasel is going nowhere.

A little bit worried book review on

Things change and a mole appears, in Weasel’s space and would you have it, he wants to play! Well, Weasel is nervous, he doesn’t want to play while there is a storm happening he, wants to be safe.

Book review a little bit worried on

Mole is upbeat, energetic, he is attentive, he asks questions but he listens carefully too. He also shares with Weasel the fun he has when the weather changes, the puddles he gets to splash in, the snowmen he is able to make. When the weather changes he uses it as best as he can.

Readers will observe Weasel gradually opening up more to his new guest. He sees the positive in talking about how he feels and Mole doesn’t belittle Weasel’s feelings and is honest about how he thinks.

This is a lovely read aloud, with realistic conversations and many a detailed double page spread. It’s brilliant for readers to see two male characters having such conversations.

Weasel finds so much comfort in discussing things with his new friend and it works positively.

Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book form the publisher for the purpose of review. All words and opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links.

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