Blog Tour: The Bat Book, The Sea Book and The Bee Book by Charlotte Milner

Welcome to my latest blog piece which is part of the blog tour for Charlotte Milner’s latest publication, The Bat Book. Published by DK this read follows on from her previous two informative titles, The Bee Book and The Sea Book.

Charlotte Milner is an award winning designer and illustrator. Her non-fiction books are representative of her keen interest in the natural world and are both written and illustrated by her, what a talent.

The Bat Book

The Bat Book by Charlotte Milner book review on

In her latest non-fiction read Charlotte Milner has dedicated this book to the life of bats. My girls and I  have read about bats in other animal non-fiction reads but we have never come across a bat book quite as detailed as this one.

Bat Book By Charlotte Milner book review on

Presented in the style of a non-fiction read one would expect, the book is accessible for young readers with a clear contents and index page.  The entire book is wonderfully illustrated, omitting the use of conventional real life photography and making the book  a rather engaging and inviting read for young readers.

The book explores many aspects of a bat including the body of a bat, what they enjoy eating and more complex aspects such as how bats keep different ecosystems healthy. The varied topics relating to bats make this a brilliant pick for many a bookshelf including learning settings, as various age groups will benefit from the varied facts presented.

The Bat Book by CHarlotte Milner book review on

The Bat Book also successfully provides information to readers on what they can do to help bats. Alongside detailed illustrations readers are informed on how they can make their outdoor space more bat friendly.

The book is a fantastic non-fiction read which has been so thoughtfully created.

The Bee Book

The Bee Book by CHarlotte Milner on

The Bee Book was the first to be published in this trio of non-fiction reads. The book is so brightly illustrated and complete with so much information for bee enthusiasts to pour over.

The Bee Book by Charlotte Milner on

Equally the book is such an informative read that may well deter readers from being scared of bees and make them understand how important bees are for nature and our food supply.

The book includes detailed diagrams of a bee’s body, shows how honey is made, explains why we need pollination and more. Towards the end of the book readers are also informed as to why there are fewer bees about and what we could do help bees. I love the inclusion of instructions on how to make a bee hotel and the various plants bees thrives from each season.

The Bee Book is a super book and what a great gift it would make, perhaps with a packet of flower seeds too?

The Sea Book

The Sea Book by Charlotte Milner on

The Sea Book is a great read for introducing readers to what can be found beneath the waves. The book brilliantly takes readers on a journey of discovery, sharing the vast variety of living things that call water their home.

The Sea Book by Charlotte Milner on

Readers are so well informed about various animals and the different layers of the ocean but the book also shares how humans choices can impact on the condition of the oceans. For example, the book explores the changing seas as a result of the burning of fossil fuels and the huge problem of plastic. However, as well as explaining such issues it is great to see practical tips shared on how we help the sea which includes ways in which we can live with less plastic.

The Sea Book and its sister books are fantastic reads that cover many current environmental issues. if you are yet to read any of these reads I highly recommend them


To see more of The Bat Book do visit the other bloggers who are part of the blog tour and keep an eye out for a giveaway that I will be hosting across my social media pages.

Disclaimer: I received copies of the books from the publisher for the purpose of review and participation on the blog tour. 


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