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Welcome to my latest blog piece which is a roarsome one dedicated to dinosaur picture books. Stories based around dinosaur characters have always proved popular in our home so i’m putting such reads all together in this post. Let’s start with a rather fun board book brilliant for preschoolers.

Snackasaurus by Georgie Taylor and illustrated by Carrie Hennon. 

This rhyming story book is a fun read complete with moveable parts including a zip as the dinosaurs mouth and wobbly eyes. It’s sturdy format makes it an ideal read for little hands and the idea of a very hungry dinosaur is relatable and will have young readers engaged. Each double page introduces readers to a different dinosaur character, describing what it is they like to eat. Some foods mentioned may even be ones that readers recognise, or perhaps will tempt them to try?

This dinosaur loves meatballs,

with yummy sauce to slurp.

He eats them far too quickly, then…

burp burp burp!

A vibrant, entertaining read featuring colourful dinosaurs throughout.

Let’s Find The Dinosaur illustrated by Alex Wilmore

Let’s Find The Dinosaur is a colourful, sturdy board book complete with felt flaps for little hands to explore. Readers are encouraged to find the dinosaur named T-Rex who is hiding. Can readers finds him? Using descriptive clues to try and find him readers might think he is behind each felt flap, but is he there? Along the way readers are introduced to various habitats and other dinosaur friends including a Stegosaurus and a Diplodocus.

Though this book may be small, its rather mighty, packed with descriptive language and new vocabulary for young readers. The illustrations are colourful and fun and of course the felt flaps are sure to be popular and far less likely to get damaged. Perfect.

Hello, Mr Dinosaur by Sam Boughton. 

Hello, Mr Dinosaur is an informative read for young readers complete with lift the flap surpises, bite size chunks of information and giggly compariosns. The book is presented almost like a sketch book in that the fomrat is relaxed with doodles, speech bubbles and labelled parts and gives an opportunty for readers to be introduced to different dinosaurs including a Parasaurolophus and an Ankylosaurus. Sam Boughton has produced a lovely read using watercolours and collaged paper making the illustrations very appealing for readers of all ages. The fantastic double gatefold on the final page is also a nice suprise and hiding underneath are all the dinosaurs included in the book.

The Dinosaur Who Lost Her Voice by Julie Ballard and illustrated by Francesca Gambatesa. 

The dinosaur who lost her voice is a fun rhyming read aloud with a beautiful message at the centre of it.
Milly Jo is a dinosaur with a gift, she can sing. Her ability to sing makes her dinosaur friends smile with glese. One day a storm hits and readers discover that Milly Jo is involved in an accident. This accident leads everything to change for Milly. Her once beautfil voice is no more and not only does she experience many emotions as a result of it, her friends do too.
The story progresses positively and it is one that that I have shared previously on my blog, which you can read in this piece Book review: The Dinosaur Who Lost Her Voice.
A great dinosaur picture book featuring a female dinosaur lead.

Nibbles The Dinosaur Guide by Emma Yarlett. 

This fantastic book is a brilliant read aloud complete with wonderfully detailed illustrations all by Emma Yarlett, who is well known in our home. Nibbles, the cheeky yellow monster chomps his way into an engaging book all about dinosaurs. The book, within the book, includes lift the flaps and nibbled parts as well as pages that are presented just as you would find when researching dinosaurs complete with facts and diagrams. There are speech bubbles of what the dinosaurs think of this yellow nibbly monster and some very giggly comments are made throughout the book which never fail to make my girls smile.

The book incorporates expert dinosaur vocabulary including various length names of different dinosaurs. A super fun book.

When Sue Found Sue by Toni Buzzeo and illustrated by Diana Sudyka. 

Sue Hendrickson was one to find things from a young age and her curiosity of discovering hidden treasures eventually led her to a career in diving and palaeontology.

The book goes into great detail about Sue Hendrickson’s childhood interests but also shares the great story of Sue’s 1990 discovery. Whilst at a dig in South Dakota Sue made her biggest disovery to date, a T. rex. The first T.rex was discovered 90 years prior to this but the one which Sue found, its skeleton was 90 per cent complete.

The book successfully higlights Sue’s passion so well and her detemination to follow her interests and to not let go of that adventurous streak.

The book is complete with wonderfully warm illustarions and towards the end of the book there is an authors notes and information on resources for children. THe dinosaur that Sue discovered is on display permanently at the Field Museum of Natural Histroy in Chicago and is names Sue.

Creatures Features Dinosaurs by Natasha Durley. 
This vibrant book complete with sturdy pages and detailed illustartions a plenty is the work of Natasha Durley who is also the creator of Creature Features which is also published by Big Picture Press.

Unique to the other books shared in this piece Creature Features Dinosaurs explores different features of dinosaurs and categorises them. The book not only looks at dinosaurs in great detail but also shares other animals with readers that existed at the same time, animals like marine reptiles and furry mammals.

The book would be a wonderful resource in a learning setting as it explores the features of the animals so well. Each category also uses brilliant examples of alliteration, Wonderful wings, Brilliant Beaks. Each animal illustrated is labelled and this may well encourage more research to be completed by young readers. Each double page spread also has a question to encourage readers to observe the illustrations closely and also to share their opinion, wonderful.

A treat of a book.

The Worrysaurus by Rachel Bright and illustrated by Chris Chatterton. 

This reassuring read all about worries will be a great addition to all libraries. A young dinosaur is planning a picnic. He is rather organised and prepares everything well in advance. Some might describe him as a natural worries but he’s a dinosaur who liked to know “what lay ahead.” Soon he begins to get little worried thoughts and he just cant seem to shift them. These worries then become intense. Will these worries ever go away?

This brilliant book is one I have previously shared here on the blog and it’s a wonderful resource to explore emotions with young readers, Book review: The Worrysaurus by Rachel Bright and illustrated by Chris Chatterton.

A must read.

Tyrannosaurus Rex by Dougal Dixon and illustrated by Rachel Caldwell. 

WOW! This book is truly amazing and readers, young and older will be absolutely mesmerised. Tyrannosaurus Rex gives an in depth exploration of the anatomy of the dinosaur using absolutely super duper paper-engineering and detailed illustrations.

The book is presented in the style of a report, which has been completed as a result of a dissection. Readers will take on the role of expert palaeontologists as they turn each page and are presented with facts about the dinosaur  discovered as well as be given the opportunity to peel back flaps and discover what this tyrannosaurus rex looks like underneath their thick skin.

This superb book presents non-fiction in such a interactive and fun way and will have dinosaur enthusiasts beaming. The book is utterly amazing and I highly recommend you find a copy.

Max’s Dinosaur Feet by Lana Spasevski and illustrated by Penelope Pratley 

Max, the young boy pictured on the front cover of this book, proves to be a rather caring older brother in this story. With his little baby sister Molly asleep, he is on a mission to ensure she doesn’t get disturbed, but he would quite like to have some fun too. Equipped with his dinosaur feet he does his best to ensure that the rest of the family stay quiet whilst his sister rests.

The book makes for a great aloud as it playfully explores various sound words. Along with soft watercolour illustrations the book makes a lovely engaging share and also highlights a lovely message on thinking of others and being a kind sibling.   

Wilfred and Olberts Epic Prehistoric Adventure

Following on from Wilfred and Olbert’s Totally Wild Chase, the two of them are off on another adventure. The two friends find themselves going back in time landing in a prehistoric ocean 360 million years ago. Readers are encouraged to find various animals and to complete different challenges on each double page spread and it seems Wilfred and Olbert’s adventure is rather action packed as they explore various time periods including the Jurassic period and Cretaceous period.

This book is busy, exciting and takes readers on a rather entertaining journey of discovery. The search and find element will excite many readers and handy to know the solution to puzzles are giving at the end of the book.

I have certainly enjoyed sharing these dinosaur themed book recommendations and do hope you have enjoyed reading about them.

Disclaimer: I received these books from various publishers for the purpose of review. All words and opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links. 


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