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The Little People Big Dreams books is a series of non-fiction books that just keep on giving. The books have proved so popular and this year in 2019 quite a few new titles were released and I’ll be sharing some of them here. As well as being popular picks amongst many children I know, they are also a firm favourite with my little family too. Why are they so popular? Well, each book is dedicated to an inspiring individual and the engaging illustrations and not too lengthy text is a refreshing read. The series is inclusive of various individuals from around the world and it is wonderful to see many diverse individuals being celebrated through this series. The books are not new to being featured here on the blog and previous reviews include Book review: Little People, Big Dreams Jane Austen, Rosa Parks, Marie Curie.  and Book review: Little People, Big Dreams Muhammed Ali by Isabel Sanchez Vegara and illustrated by Brosmind.

Wilma Rudolph by Maria Isabel Sanchez Vegara and illustrated by Amelia Flower.

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Wilma Rudolph, a brilliant sprinter is such an inspiring individual. Born in to a large family that included 22 siblings Wilma had ambition and was keen at completing sports. At a young age Wilma contracted polio and doctors informed her that she would never walk again however, with the support of her family and Wilma’s determination she went on to achieve a great many things including becoming an Olympic champion.

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David Bowie by Maria Isabel Sanchez Vegara and illustrated by Ana Albero.

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From a young age London born David Bowie had big ideas and really enjoyed music. At school he was successful in subjects like dance and music and it was there that he began his very first band. The book is an inspiring read as it encourages readers to fulfill their hobbies and passions regardless of their gender. David Bowie became a celebrated musician and his lifetime completed 26 albums. Ana Albero’s illustrations really complete this book, adding much fun and visually engaging readers.

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Mahatma Gandhi by Maria Isabel Sanchez Vegara and illustrated by Albert Arrayas

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Albert Arrayas has completed illustrations that I absolutely adore in this book. The Indian culture is represented well and the contrast between Mahatma Gandhi’s time in the UK as a law student is shown well through the illustrations. Mahatma Gandhi was born in a city by the Indian coast and was named Mohandas. Soon after achieving his law degree he moved to South Africa but whilst there he experienced much prejudice and it was here that he started campaigning for people to be treated equally, regardless of their ethnicity. or colour of their skin. He yearned to return to India, which he did and there he also campaigned for better treatment of Indian people as it was under British ruling. It was here that he began to be known as Mahatma meaning great soul, and that he certainly was. His campaigning always used a gentle approach and it represents to readers the power of your voice. Such an informed detailed read of a truly inspiring individual.

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Vivienne Westwood by Maria Isabel Sanchez Vegara and illustrated by Laura Callaghan.

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Vivienne Westwood, known as a unique and out spoken fashion designer who had a passion for art and new ideas from a young age. She is a fashion designer who has never conformed to what is in fashion and stayed true to her unique style. The book highlights that it is possible to work in a competetitve market but to stay true to your own ideas. The bright illustrations are representative of Vivienne Westwood’s outgoing style and compliment this biography so well. Complete with a timeline and photos of the fashion designer, this is a great read.

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Zaha Hadid by Maria Isabel Sanchez Vegara and illustrated by Asun Amar.

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Zaha Hadid is an inspiring Muslim women who was born in Baghdad. From a young age she enjoyed designing clothes but it was a trip with her family to Rome that got her appreciating the wonderful architecture around her. Zaha Hadid went on to become a architecture that changed the face of a career that is so male dominated. She was the first woman and first Muslim to be awarded the Pritzker Prize which is a renowned architecture award. Her designs of buildings such as The London Aquatics Centre and The Guangzhou Opera House reflect her unique style and her not being afraid to incorporate things like the power of computer engineering in her work. This book is a brilliant one for home and learning setting libraries as it shares a different profession representing a very talented woman who was successful within this field of work.

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I do hope you’ve enjoyed reading some of the 2019 releases from the Little People Big Dream Series. We have certainly enjoyed reading them.

Disclaimer: Some of these books were sent from the publishers for the purpose of review and others were purchased by me. This post contains affiliate links.




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