Book review: Time to…book series by Penny Tassoni and illustrated by Mel Four

Featherstone, part of Bloomsbury publishers have recently published a wonderful series of Time To… books. Written by Penny Tassoni and illustrated by Mel Four and the four books available in the series are perfect for children due to start a learning setting such as preschool, nursery and reception class as well toddlers who have moved on to longer length reads.

With my youngest daughter due to start nursery in January, these books couldn’t have been shared at a better time. The four titles available in the series are Time to Tidy Up, Time to Make Friends, Time to Eat and Time to Share.

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The book presents information to children about the four topics in a positive and engaging way using cheery, bright coloured illustrations which includes a diverse group of children. The book shares handy tips on the various topics. In Time To Share it presents information on how children can share successfully, acknowledging moments when it can lead you to feeling impatient when you feel like you are waiting a long time. In Time To Eat the book gently explains why we need to eat and acknowledges that sometimes there may be foods that you don’t like but perhaps by trying them more than once, you may surprise yourself.

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The books are very child friendly, considering how children may interpret different situations and uses simple  language to be understood by many. In Time To Tidy Up I think the before and after images of how a space can look when everything is organised is brilliant for children to visually see the benefits of tidying up. It also explores how it can feel overwhelming when there is lots to tidy and shares valuable tips.

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The books in their small size with hardback covers have been very popular with my three old. She has enjoyed sharing them with me and also “reading” them on her own. She also enjoys answering the questions along the way, for example in Time to Tidy Up it asks where readers think particular toys should be.

Time to Make Friends brilliantly acknowledges why it’s fun to have friends and what makes a good friend. It also acknowledges that everybody is different and on occasions there will be times when children don’t want to play and that needs to be respected.

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Written by a leading Early Years expert and illustrated by Mel Four who has created such lovely characters I’m sure the series will prove helpful to many. In addition to assisting younger readers there is also information shared at the back of the book for parents and carers, perfect.

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A fabulous series of books that will prove to be valuable resource in all libraries and learning settings.


Disclaimer: I received these books from the publisher for the purpose of review. All words and opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links.

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