Book review: Patience, Miyuki by Roxane Marie Galliez and illustrated by Seng Soun Ratanavanh.

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There are some picture books that are utterly beautiful and this is certainly one of them. Based around a young, diverse girl named Miyuki, whom you may have already met in the book Time For Bed Miyuki, parts of her character may not be too dissimilar to a young person you know also.

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Miyuki is a lively, inquisitive character who is rather excited at the prospect of a little flower blooming. Spring has arrived and Miyuki is expecting the flower to bloom instantly but what she learns through the journey of the story is patience. Her grandfather is a wise man and has a wonderful way of making her realise that nature is magical but it will do things when it is ready to, not always when we expect it too.

Patience Miyuki book review on

Amongst the most enchanting illustrations you have whimsical, imaginative sprinkles of fun which are almost fairytale like. The book brilliantly captures East Asian art and culture and oh the double spreads are just scrumptious.

Miyuki is a relatable character and the book may well be one to encourage readers to embrace and enjoy the natural world more.

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