Book review: Kindness Grows by Britta Teckentrup.

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Kindness Grows is wonderful read that promotes kindness, friendship and unity.

Britta Teckentrup has again, successfully, created a book that encourages thinking of others, being aware of your actions and is a read that gently and positively promotes inclusion.

Kindness grows by britta Teckentrup review on

Friendships can be tricky and there are times when people may disagree but if we aren’t so mindful of our actions it can cause cracks and ultimately you could lose a friend. Instead, sharing successfully, being careful with your words and working together, taking account of each other’s ideas, can result in something magical, just the way a tree grows when it’s provided with the love and care it needs.

Book review of kindness grows on

Amongst the intrigue of the intricate die cuts, the flowing rhythmic text and the collaged illustrations, you have a book with real substance. It’s a book that is thought provoking and one I would suggest would be a great addition to a library including those in learning settings.

Book review of kindness grows on

The book accounts for small friendships but highlights that as a result of our actions we can inspire others and ultimately create a wonderful community.

A brilliant book indeed.

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