Book review: Greta and the Giants by Zoë Tucker and Zoe Persico.

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Greta and the Giants is an inspiring read and will be a great addition to many a library. Based on the subject of climate change, it is an accessible read for readers as young as 4 years old.

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Greta (inspired by real life Greta Thunberg) lives in a forest where animals discuss their worries. They explain to Greta that their forest home is broken due to the giants actions and animals don’t know where to go.

The book continues to explain what the giants are doing and in their rush to build as many homes as they can animals and wildlife are being hugely neglected.

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Even in this fictional book, readers will be inspired by the character Greta who takes actions and does what she can to make the giants see what the consequences of their actions are. She inspires others in the story to take action too and eventually the giants do acknowledge the mistakes they have made and are willing to change.

Greta and the giants picture book review on

The detailed illustrations and dark forest scenes with the giants in the background evoke such a concerning mood which is then a contrast to the final pages in the book. I adore the illustrations.

The book has been thoughtfully created and at the end of the book shares factual information about Greta Thunberg as well as ideas on what young readers do to support climate change.

The book has been printed on 100% recycled paper within the U.K and a percentage of the cover price will also be donated to Greenpeace UK. And if you preorder the book before its publication (19th November) publishers Quarto will plant a tree with One Tree Planted after receiving a proof of purchase from yourself. This can be done by emailing a picture of your receipt to

I’m sure you will agree this is a great book and would be fabulous addition to a learning setting, encouraging conversions about such an important topic.

Disclaimer: I received this book from the publishers. All words and opinions are entirely my own. This post contains affiliate links.

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