Pirate picture books: Captain Sparklebeard, Pirates Don’t Go To School and The Jolley-Rogers and the Pirate Piper.

Ahoy! Welcome to my latest blog piece. If you know of any young readers who are partial to a pirate books let me share this bundle of booty with you.

Captain Sparklebeard by Timothy Knapman and illustrated by Sam Lloyd.

Captain Sparklebeard book review on MammaFilz.com

This is a fun empowering story different to other pirate books my girls and I have read. Peg plays the centre role and a pirate is what she wants to be. She’s intelligent and enjoys reading but such qualities are put down by other pirates oh and she’s a girl, girls apparently don’t make good pirates.

Sample page from Captain Sparklebeard on MammaFilz.com

Well Peg has a few tricks up her sleeve and do you think she proves them wrong? Her knowledge gained from her enjoyment of books certainly helps her. The cheery bright illustrations are super. Great for 3 years old and up.

Pirates Don’t Go To School by Alan MacDonald and illustrated by Magda Brol.

Pirates don’t go to school book review on MammaFilz.com

This endearing story is a great pick for soon to be school starters or children who may be a little reluctant to start after the long school break. Jake’s family aren’t so sure about him beginning his school adventure but he really wants to.

Sample page from Pirates don’t go to school on MammaFilz.com

The first day comes and like many children he feels a bit wobbly, will his teacher be a sea monster? Will he fit in? What about the rules? Will it just be super boring? Complete with many a humorous moment and vivid illustrations throughout this is a great one for home and school.

The Jolley Rogers and the Pirate Piper by Jonny Duddle.

The Jolley Rogers and the pirate piper chapter book review on MammaFilz.com

Jonny Duddle has done it again in providing an entertaining, fun filled read complete with familiar characters Matilda, Jim lad and the Jolley Rogers. Presented in a chapter book this would be fab for 6 year olds and up.

Page from chapter book Jolley Rogers and the pirate piper on MammaFilz.com

Dull on Sea finds itself infested with rats! Much to everyones dismay no one can fix this problem until a pirate with a piper arrives. His work needs paying for but the mayor of the town refuses leading to more problems including the possibility of Matilda, Jim Lad and Nugget losing their friends. This brilliantly illustrated read will keep readers immersed in pirate life and could be a great book to introduce while the school holidays are here.

Disclaimer: I received these books from the publishers in exchange for an honest review. I chose to include these books in this piece. This post contains affiliate links.

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