Book review: Flock by Gemma Koomen.

I am so excited to share this newly released picture book. Flock is a wonderful story. The book is an absolute treat and the art work is utterly captivating.

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Sylvia is part of a bustling community of mini tree keepers. Unlike the other children who enjoy playing alongside each other Sylvia quite enjoys doing things on her own. She is fascinated by nature and enjoys collecting natural objects and makes wonderful designs and creations with her finds. Extract from Flock picture book. Review on

Sylvia is content with her daily happenings but things change when she befriends a bird. The friendship that Sylvia and the bird form is truly a special one and they each learn so much from each other.

Extract from Flock book.

The once lost bird soon finds his flock but the bird leaves a changed Sylvia. The bird leaving begins a new chapter for Sylvia. A child that could be described as a rather shy child at the beginning of the story, becomes more confident and begins to enjoy being in others company. A new friendship is formed with a young girl representing that her friendship with the bird was such a positive experience.

Sylvia’s characteristics are never put down, just merely stated however, it’s wonderful for readers to observe a character like Sylvia who in the real world can often be misunderstood. Friendship can be such a comfort and can provide many a happy time and it’s wonderful to see Sylvia find a friend first in the bird and then in the young girl.

My girls and I continue fo enjoy this book and we are all excited to see what Gemma Koomen produces next.

Disclaimer: I received this book from the publishers in exchange for an honest review. All words and opinions are entirely my own. This post contains affiliate links.

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