Book review: Norbert by Joanna Boyle.

Norbert by Joanna Boyle is a tale of an ambitious penguin who longs to be famous.

Norbert front cover


Norbert’s friends enjoy fishing all day long but Norbert has other interests. He dreams of singing and dancing to a venue full of enthusiastic folk who enjoy stage performances. Frustrating as it is for Norbert, his friends show no enthusiasm for a musical that is due to happen in the big city but Norbert is excited and decides to set sail on a very testing trip to the big city.


On arrival in the big city Norbert is mesmerised by the theatre. The thought of him writing to his family and friends back in Antarctica soon disappears and he becomes immersed in the stage life. Readers witness that Norbert doesn’t get his big break straight away, he works hard and accepts different roles until finally one day when a star turns down a role it is offered to Norbert.


In the midst of Norbert becoming increasingly successful he is lonely. He doesn’t have his family and friends nearby and the idea of writing a letter to them seems silly now as so much has happened, until one day Norbert receives a prestigious award and his thinking changes. He goes home.

Norbert’s friends know him so well and they are proud of his achievements. Unbeknown to him they have been busy organising and are eager to show Norbert their efforts which he is absolutely delighted with.

Norbert is a delight to read about. The book is a fantastic one for discussing determination and friendship and the illustrations throughout are brilliantly engaging. I’m sure you’ll want to adopt Norbert after reading about him or better still make a Norbert using a kitchen roll tube just as we did.


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