Book review: Between Tick and Tock by Louise Greig and illustrated by Ashling Lindsay.

Between Tick and Tock written by Louise Greig and illustrated by Ashling Lindsay is a wonderful book that we first came across in our local library. It’s a book that we’ve borrowed a number of times and one I think needs to be shared with lots of children both at home and at school.

Liesel, the child pictured on the front cover, is an observant young girl. She lives in the city where everything is fast paced and notices what people are too busy to spot.

The narrative is refreshing and doesn’t talk down to children and the illustrations ooze style and care. The wonderfully diverse illustrations show what Liesel eyes can see. A boy playing alone in the park, an unfinished mural, a dog that is lost and more.

She decides to help. By pausing time Liesel carries out beautiful acts of kindness. She lends a helping hand with no fuss and the happiness she sees from others smiles, once the pause is undone, is enough to know in her heart she’s done something lovely.

This is such a great read reiterating that kindness is everything and presented wonderfully with very sweet illustrations. We may not be able to pause time but we can certainly make the most of the time we have.

The book is available to buy from Amazon – click the image below to see more:

The book has prompted lots of bookish play. From discussing Liesel and her acts of kindness, to exploring time and looking at the girls new calendar. My eldest has been exploring her new calendar and together we’ve been practising writing family names for their birth dates. She’s been applying her phonic skills and I’ve been reminding her of the importance of a capital letter for nouns. Lots of learning all inspired from a wonderful book.

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