Book review: The Sound of Magic Cinderella by Sanna Mander

As part of our bedtime routine my girls and I enjoy sharing books that the girls choose themselves. Occasionally I choose one and last night it was extra special as it was a book that my girls hadn’t seen before.


The Sound of Magic – Cinderella is a cheerful, colourful read that is also a delightful sound book. At the start of the book it is explained that young readers can assist the fairy Godmother by using the wand that comes with the book. By tapping the wand on musical notes, which are on a selection of pages, readers get to enjoy some lovely music that reflects the mood of the story very well. The music also coincides with when the fairy Godmother casts happy spells.

The wand proved extremely popular with my little ladies and considering it was bedtime they did very well in taking turns. The storyline is based upon the traditional tale of Cinderella.


Cinderella gets treated unfairly by her stepmother and stepsisters, always expected to clean and with no appreciation. The whole family are invited to a ball that the Prince is hosting and unbeknown to Cinderella’s family she attends, dressed very differently thanks to the help of the fairy Godmother. The magic only lasts until midnight and as Cinderella parts from her dancing partner, who happens to be the prince, her glass slipper falls off. Following the ball the Prince is adamant that he will find the owner of the glass slipper and he does, much to Cinderella’s relatives disappointment. Years later Cinderella and the Prince marry and Cinderella starts the new chapter of her life positively by showing kindness to others and helping those in need.


Although this is a traditional tale which some of your children may be familiar with this read is filled with diverse characters. There are also explanations along the way as to why the family are not nice to Cinderella, for example never saying thank you for all that she does for them. Also, we are big fans of sound books and this one is that little more special as readers can be in role as the fairy Godmother, lots of interactive fun indeed.

I’m sure you will agree this would make a wonderful gift and the music makes the book all that more fun and appealing. The music pieces marry so well with the text being read. It is a great introduction to short music pieces that add so much to the story, reflecting how adding music can take storytelling to new heights.

My girls give this book a big thumbs up.

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Disclaimer: Thank you so much to Lincoln Children’s Books for sending us a copy of this book to review. This post contains affiliate links.

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