Book review: Mickey Mouse Museum and Where’s Mickey?

Welcome to my latest blog post which is a little Disney-tastic. Is there someone you know who enjoys Disney films, perhaps been to Disneyland or just enjoys the purchasing of Mickey Mouse memorabilia?  Young or older, the books I’m sharing in this post would make wonderful gifts and I’m sure would bring a smile to many a Disney and Mickey Mouse fan.

Mickey Mouse Museum – Written by Nicole Corse

Mickey Mouse Museum

It is a big celebration for Mickey Mouse as he turns 90 years.  90 years since Walt Disney most popular creation was animated. Mickey Mouse has done amazingly well, adorning reading material, programmes, films and lets not forget his face appearing on items such as clothing and toys.


Mickey Mouse Museum marks this wonderful achievement by presenting an absolutely amazing collection of archive material right at your finger tips. The book explores the creation of Mickey in great detail, presenting images, timelines, unseen sketches and along the way you meet how Mickey Mouse’s friends came to be.


This is certainly a rather special read. The book itself is larger then most and there are more than 80 pages for readers to take their time pouring over. This book would make a fantastic gift chronicling the journey of the most recognisable mouse.

Where’s Mickey? Written by Emma Drage, with llustrations by Maurizio Campidelli, Amy Zhing, Jenny Palmer and Kawaii Studio.

Where's Mickey?This fun search and find activity book would be great for 4 years old and up and I’m sure would be happily received by older Disney fans also.


Mickey has set off for a globe-trotting adventure with his trusted friends, Minnie, Donald, Daisy, Pluto and Goofy,  China, Mississippi, Switzerland, Egypt are some of the destinations they are exploring, what an amazing adventure! Can readers track him and his friends down amongst the detailed hustle and bustle of super fun illustrations?

This search and find book would be a great resource to use while travelling and out and about with children. Once readers have found all the main Disney characters there are also more challenges at the back awaiting them, with lists of objects and other characters to find in each scene.

The book again celebrates the 90th anniversary of Mickey and in 90 copies of the book distributed in the UK there is a golden Mickey to be found.

A fun search and find book featuring the iconic Mickey Mouse and introducing readers to travelling through picture books.

Two entertaining reads marking a huge achievement for Mickey Mouse.

Disclamer: I received these books from the publishers. All words and opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links.

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