Book review: Angry Cookie by Laura Dockrill and illustrated by Maria Karipidou.


Laura Dockrill and Maria Karipidou have teamed together to create a deliciously entertaining, unique read which is sure to make young readers giggle and reflect.


Cookie is a rather moody mare due to a few happenings occurring during the previous day. These significant moments which make cookie cross include his roommate, a cactus may I add, repeatedly playing her recorder, his favourite toothpaste running out (resulting in a spicy one having to be used) and getting a haircut which is not to his taste. There are some interactive picture books similar to the start of this book but in the Angry Cookie you find out exactly why it is that the cookie is so cross. I’m sure the reasons for his anger may even bring back memories for when a young reader has been cross too (lets just say my eldest daughter was nodding at the toothpaste part).


The idea of using speech bubbles through out is a great one as cookie is having an open discussion with the reader through out. Readers are invited to witness Cookie’s thinking and reflecting of the previous day and when he realises that after all the shouting and ranting a listening ear is still listening he begins to simmer down.


The cookie realises that actually things could have been a whole lot worse and having a friend stand by him the whole time is just such a lovely thing, even if he is reluctant to admit the friendship at first.

The book is a great one in exploring a range of emotions, highlighting the importance of talking it through and representing that sometimes our day to day can include things that annoy us. As mighty as the cookie is you can’t help but find him entertaining and just a tad adorable too.

The book is brilliantly illustrated by Maria Karipidou complimenting the text so well and exploring the range of emotions represented, particularly through the facial expressions.

This is an entertaining read and it would also be a great one to use in a learning setting. Emotions can be a difficult topic to explore but this read will certainly support discussions with young children.

Disclaimer: I won this book in a giveaway over on Twitter. Thank you to Toppsta and Walker Books for the book and goodies. All words and opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links.


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