Picture books on friendship from Bloomsbury books.

Publishers Bloomsbury are wanting to help children find new books to indulge in. Starting from September the publishing team are celebrating children’s picture books by creating a theme for each month and matching appropriate books that suit.


We received three picture books from Bloomsbury as well as some rather cool bookish socks for the month of September which is dedicated to the theme of friendship. We thought this was a great theme as Little One of course has recently started Reception so making friends and talking about what makes a good friend has been something we’ve talked about. Now we also have this collection of books to refer to also.

Goat’s Coat by Tom Percival and illustrated by Christine Pym.


We are big fans of Tom Percival’s work so we were excited to read this book. The book did not disappoint and it is one that my eldest has repeatedly asked to be read to her.

Based around Alfonzo the goat, he proves to be such a caring soul in the story. Feeling amazing in his new coat he goes outside for a walk but along the way helps other animals who are upset or sad about different things. From making a shelter out of his coat to using it to make a rope to save a chick, Alfonzo is so talented at being so resourceful with his new coat. His kindness does not go unnoticed and at the end of the story he receives a lovely surprise gift.


Tom Percival and Christine Pym have created a lovely book together. Tom Percival’s bouncy, rhyming text is a treat and alongside Christine Pym’s colourful illustrations I’m sure it is one that many will enjoy. This book would be a great one to use in a learning setting.

The Butterfly Dance by Suzanne Barton.


Dotty and Stripe are caterpillars who spend lots of time together. They enjoy each others company and treasure their friendship but as the story progresses young readers witness the caterpillars turning into beautiful butterflies. Dotty and Stripe realise how different they now look and as they observe other creatures around them they think that they can only be with butterflies that look like them. Of course they only witness this because similar creatures like similar foods. They soon realise how wrong they were and reunite happily.


This delicately illustrated book embraces themes of friendship and would be a great one to use to explore the life cycle of a butterfly.

The Selfish Crocodile by Fasutin Charles and illustrated by Michael Terry.


It has been twenty years since The Selfish Crocodile was first published and this special anniversary edition includes an audio CD. The crocodile in this story doesn’t like sharing and has stated rather clearly to all the animals around his habitat that if they dare to go into the river, he will eat them! Sadly when the animals are thirsty they have to travel afar to satisfy their thirst. They can’t bathe in the water nor can they enjoy the river just like the crocodile does. The animals are terribly scared of the crocodile but one day they find the crocodile is in pain. Will any of the animals help the crocodile? Will the crocodile ever change his ways?


This picture book classic is one that will be sure to promote lots of discussion around the way you treat others, friendship and learning to share.

Three very different picture books all with themes of friendship connecting theme. It’s been great to introduce my two girls to stories they haven’t read before. We love using books to explore different themes and emotions and perhaps we’ve convinced you to try a new picture book in your home? We sincerely hope so.


Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. I received these books from the publishers. All words and opinions are my own.

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