Book review: Amazing Baby – Mummy, baby by Beth Hardwood and Emma Dodd.

Beth Hardwood and Emma Dodd have teamed together to create brilliant board books for the popular Amazing Baby range.

Mummy, baby is part of an updated collection of books that are dedicated to encourage you and your ickle ones to share and enjoy reading time together.  The books are recommended for children 6 months plus and Baby and I think they are pretty fab.

Baby adored the front cover of this book as it is an inviting, interactive cover. Baby loves cats, as we have a family cat, so it made it all that more special using the slider to reveal a cat and her babies.

Baby enjoys many board books that are interactive and have features such as lift the flaps and textured pages but there are only a small few she has read that use sliders. The use of  sliders make the book all that more fun and is not too dissimilar to playing a peek a boo game which is a game that Baby loves to play as do many young children!

The bouncy, rhyming text makes the book a fun read aloud alongside the colourful pages which use a mixture of bold patterns and plain backgrounds.

My eldest, Little One, who is 3, has been enjoying reading this book to her little sister.

The fact that the slider is labeled with the animals name is super but also each baby animal picture is captioned too. Also, there are always more then one baby animal in each picture so makes a lovely counting opportunitiy. Adding such details has encouraged a lot of discussion between Little One and I and adds to the longevity of the book.

We think this is a fab, sturdy board book which is sure to interest many little ones.

Disclaimer: I received this book from the publishers. All words and opinions are my own. 

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    1. Emma Dodds is so talented isn’t she. We have a collection of her books also appealing to my three year old and now these ones for Baby. I would have to agree with you they are lovely and bold.

  1. That looks a lovely little book. Sadly we don’t have any babies in our family to share it with – even my little niece and nephew are too old!

    1. Aww. Thank you for reading my blog post. My husband just became an uncle again so I’ve been getting picture book happy.

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