Preschool Bing Bunny Pumpkin Challenge

Meeting pumpkin

We were challenged to complete the Bing Bunny Pumpkin challenge but admittedly I was a tad hesitant to begin with as I have never carved a pumpkin before. In fact, when growing up carving a pumpkin was never really a thing my family did. However, so many years later I have two little ladies (a three year old and one year old) and I have been making my eldest, Little One, more aware of each season and the fun that can be had.

Completing a pumpkin with Little One that wouldn’t be scary and had a familiar television character on, I knew she would be happy!

You may be wondering who Bing is…

play_bing_drawing-300x300Here he is, typical of my daughters, happily drawing and being artistic.

Bing is a black rabbit who has become well known amongst pre schoolers for his authentic, honest experiences that aim to mirror a young child’s life.

Bing was first a book based character but since then he now has his own programme, showing on BBC’s Cbeebies channel as well as his own Bing website!

Our pumpkin needed to resemble Bing and I don’t know about you but carving free hand was not an option but thankfully there is a template available. Hooray. We also found this tutorial super helpful because as you now know, I had never carved a pumpkin before.


We stuck the template on and then we were good to go. This part took some care and a use of some sharp tools, so whilst hubby and I carved the pumpkin, Little One completed her own Bing dot to dot activity which we found on the Bing website.

Bing dot to dot

Once we had the outline of the pumpkin complete it was time to decorate and what better way but to paint the pumpkin! We wanted the pumpkin to reflect Bing and his colourful programme but also use colours that were representative of Autumn. Little One also wanted her Bing pumpkin to be decorated with some super sparkly stickers.

Little One loves to paint and this activity proved a lot of fun for her. She was also super careful not to paint Bing’s face as she wanted his face to stand out.

After much painting and waiting for everything to dry our Bing pumpkin was complete…

Ta da!

Our Bing pumpkin



Little One is absolutely delighted with her Bing pumpkin. She’s made the pumpkin her own and isn’t scared of it in the slightest, as its a nice, familiar, television character.

Bing we hope you approve.

For more fun Bing activities do check out Bing’s website.

Happy pumpkin decorating!

Disclaimer: This was a sponsored blog post however, all opinions and words are my own.



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