Book review: Madeline Finn and the Library Dog by Lisa Papp.

Lisa Papp has written an encouraging book all about friendship, determination and self belief.

Madeline Finn is a young girl who despises reading.

In school Madeline’s teacher has a reward system in place and those who read well receive stars and those who need to “keep trying” receive a heart sticker. Madeline does not like to read at all and often receives “keep trying” stickers from her teacher but she longs for a star.

However, things change, a library visit changes all that. Not because she was introduced to new books or because she befriended the librarian but because she began reading to a library dog.

Bonnie, the library dog is beautiful. She’s fluffy, friendly and is a great listener who does not discourage Madeline.

It’s exactly what Madeline needs and in meeting Bonnie each week her reading improves and her teacher at school soon recognises this.

Lisa Papp has written a book that I’m sure will open people’s eyes to how people can be supported with their reading.  Reading to dogs isn’t just something that happens in this book but it is also part of a programme run by PETS AS THERAPY. For every copy of this book sold in the UK, Old Barn Books, the publishers, are donating 50p to support Read2Dogs programme run by PETS AS THERAPY. To find out more information you can click here.

The illustrations are absolutely beautiful through out the book and the friendship that forms between Bonnie and Madeline is so lovely.

Little One enjoyed this book and although  her understanding of school is currently at nursery level she was able to identify that Madeline was upset and wanted to be a better reader.

This book shows Madeline’s determination and her not giving up. A great message to be shared with children. There is also a surprise at the end of the story. A very cute surprise.

Disclaimer: I received this book from the publishers and Toppsta. All opinions are my own.

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