Book review: Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland illustrated by Carly Gledhill

This wonderful book is part of a series published by Penguin books.
The book is a brilliant introduction to a classic story, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland or as Penguin call the series a Bedtime Classic. The original story, a novel, was first published in 1865 by Lewis Carroll.

Board book alices’s adventures in wonderland

This book is aimed at the youngest of readers and includes key scenes with a short sentence on each page. Alice is illustrated as a brown skin character. This is my baby sons first introduction to Alice and her adventures. It’s a first for my girls and I to see Alice illustrated with brown skin and it’s great too see this.

Alice’s adventures in wonderland

I love Alices outfit too, dungarees and high top trainers. The illustrations throughout are engaging and vibrant by Carly Gledhill. I admire the varied details on each page, including the flowers used to frame my book photo and the typography used for action words are fun with fresh colours.

Alice’s adventures in wonderland

This is a great book and one that would be such a great addition to libraries and early years settings. The other books in the series include The Wizard of Oz and the Three Little Pigs.

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