Book review: The Goody by Lauren Child

The Goody by Lauren child

The Goody is a witty and thought provoking book by talented author and illustrator Lauren Child.
The labelling of children particularly in education has always been a heated topic of discussion. Are we giving children ceiling limits? Are we making them fit into particular boxes? And then what about behaviour? Can individuals change?

The Goody by lauren child

I ask all these questions because this book has been one that has encouraged soo much conversation amongst our little family. The book really explores the idea of a good child, “Goody” and a child that isn’t one, but is that enhanced because of those around them?

The Goody refers to the young boy in the story. He goes to bed on time, he eats everything from his plate, even things he dislikes, and is a very good brother to his sister. But why is it that his sister gets treated so differently? Why is it that she doesn’t get greens on her plate but he does? In fact she’s known as not being good and seems to get away with a great many things.

The Goody by Lauren child

The Goody aka Chirton decides things need to change. He’s frustrated and decides to, alarmingly, not be good. In doing so his sister succeeds in attending a party, she’s normally not able to attend any as everyone is aware of her “bad” reputation.
It becomes clear that each of the siblings have been treated differently and the labelling they’ve experienced for such a long time has to stop. They are the ones to explain this to their grown ups.

My 6 year old was utterly absorbed when we read this story together and has since read it a number of times.
You really need to read this book. It highlights that ultimately being you is the key but the freedom in doing so is vastly important.

The Goody by Lauren child

Amongst the fantastic art work, true to Lauren Child’s style with the use of collage and real images, you have the main story text and red text which acts as a little aside, perhaps sometimes representing our thoughts.
A fabulous book for many a bookshelf.

Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book from the publisher. All words and opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links.

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