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Kes Gray and Jim Field return with another book to add to the series of Oi books. When you think perhaps the latest one will be the last, you are surprised with yet another! Kes Gray never fails to entertain with his humorous text and inclusion of animals with big personalities. The latest book does all that and more because Oi Aardvark is also an alphabet book.

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This rather unique alphabet book, which is full to the brim with colourful spreads, imaginative ideas of where various animals should be sitting and illustrations that never lack in expression, will get readers giggling for sure.

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Frog, who has also appeared in previous books, is insistent on completing an alphabet book, or the title that Frog gives, “My All New Alphabetty Botty Book.” Notebook and pencil in hand, Frog’s aim is to include many an animal but also explain, in rhyme of course, of where they should be sitting. Cat with its moody glare and honest critiquing is on hand to ensure new animals are included in Frog’s book though is rather sceptical that Frog will be able to complete a whole alphabet book. I’ll let you guess whether Cat was right or not.

Oi  aardvark  book review on

This book would be a hilarious read aloud, one that I would love to see the reaction of in a classroom but also the book positively explores a few learning points. One of course being the alphabet but also the ‘new’ animals that are included for example, a yak, a kudus, wigeons and otters. The objects which they sit on are so varied too, candelabra, saris, maize and the comical and smelly doo doo. Such a great exploration of vocabulary and all completed in a rather fun, reading doesn’t need to be boring, way. Bravo Gray and Field. .

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