Book review: I really want to shout by Simon Philip and illustrated by Lucia Gaggiotti.

I really want to shout by Simon Philip book review on

I really want to shout is the next in this super series written by Simon Philip and illustrated by Lucia Gaggiotti and published by Templar books. They are two people who are not a stranger to my blog, having previously shared I Really Want The Cake and I Really Want To Win.

The book is a brilliant read aloud exploring emotions and that feeling that many of us get, the urge to shout…

“Sometimes I find it really tough

to make sure I’m not in a huff

because there’s simply so much stuff

that makes me want to yell.”

I really want shout book review on

The book acknowledges that anger is a feeling that we all experience. The sharing of realistic examples will have many readers nodding and may well encourage discussions of personal experiences.

I really want shout book review on

Though the main theme of the book is exploring emotions, the sprinkle of humour, both in the text and illustrations will not go unnoticed and a giggle or two may well be had.

The importance of discussing your feelings with others is explored and there are some lovely tender illustrations that highlight these moments rather sweetly.

I particularly like this double page spread I’ve shared, swipe across, which features a nod to various things from the previous books as well as the girl discussing things with her dad.

I really want shout book review on

I would love to use this book in a classroom and I know many would benefit. The practical and helpful tips it shares could be further explored and ultimately the book so well shares that feelings matter.

Another wonderful book featuring our bunches wearing friend.

Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book from the publisher. All words and opinions are my own. This post contains affiliates links.

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