Brilliant ABC, alphabet picture books.

I am celebrating the love for ABC picture books in this blog post.

Picture books have been great exposure for my girls in terms of imagination, vocabulary, discussion, diversity, exploration and a plethora of other positives and now my eldest is noticing something else about the delights of books … letters.

We have a selection of ABC picture books that we think are pretty fab which I shall be sharing in this post.

ABC Nature by Nicole Edwards and illustrated by Thomas Elliot.

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A new alphabet book that is complete with felt touch and trace parts.

This will be a great book that grows with young readers. From introducing young ones to new vocabulary to then introducing them to the alphabet and the way in which each letter, upper and lower case, is formed. It will be a book that develops hand eye co-ordination and might just encourage them to explore the outdoors further.

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The board book is part of Little Tiger publishers My world Montessori Inspired series.

There are a few examples of nature words chosen that might encourage further discussion, such as A for Acorn and G for Giraffe which are words that have initials sounds which are not the same as it’s letter sound, the way in which letters are said phonetically. All makes for an interesting chat.

A lovely book for preschoolers and up, a great for one travelling with as it’s very light and one school starters might just like to get familiar with.

A is for avocado-An alphabet book of plant power by Carolyn Suzuki

A is for avocado an alphabet book of plant power book review on

A nutritious, delicious, informative ABC book.

Ahh, this book is brilliant! An alphabet book that is based around plants, fruits and vegetables. Each page also shares a fact about the food shared for example, did you know that there are around 40 000 different types of beans, including black beans, pinto beans and cranberry beans?

Book review a is for avocado an alphabet book of plant power on

Love Carolyn Suzuki who is the author and illustrator of F is for feminism. All the pages are so colourful, fun and brilliantly engaging.

The book may well introduce readers to a food they haven’t heard of before and maybe even entice them to try it!?

A is for avocado

L is for lentil

P is for plantain

W is watermelon

Absolutely super! We are great fans of this book.

Alphabet Street

Alphabet Street

This fantastic book has previously been shared on the blog and you can find the post here. This is a brilliantly presented read that goes far beyond an alphabet book. The book is interactive, could be a colourful frieze and can be used in play. Super!


ABC Pop-Up by Courtney Watson McCarthy -Old Barn Booksimg_7733

This ABC book is absolutely stunning and secretly I want it for my bookshelf. Courtney Watson McCarthy has done a brilliant job at creating a fun, slick, exciting ABC book that you just want to keep exploring. I speak on behalf of all my family!

Each time Little One has read this she beams with happiness.

Set against clean, white backgrounds, each double page pops with a brilliant scene displaying things beginning with particular letters.

The garden page, seen in the photo, is showing you that F is for flowers and G is for grass. The book is brilliant at showing you connections between words. How clever and also so well planned by Courtney Watson McCarthy.

We love this ABC book because it is so different to other ABC books. It is giving Little One an appreciation for creativity and brilliant paper engineering which in turn is making her take care of the book.

London ABC by Ben Hawkes -Random House Kids


My husband occasionally jokes about my love for London as not only do I have family and many dear friends there it has also been a place I have called home. What can I say it is a great place and this ABC picture book continues to be loved in our home.


Ben Hawkes has produced a quirky, retro feeling ABC picture book. The book goes beyond A being for apples and is filled with brilliant London. Iconic landmarks, destinations and all things London feature in this book where you can see G is for Globe (Shakespeare’s Globe) and H is for the well known park, Hyde Park.

As well as the book exploring the alphabet it also follows the story of a lost penguin who eventually finds his home at the end of the alphabet… Z for ______.

This is a book that celebrates England’s capital and could double up as a great text to use when introducing this city to young ones and could even be used as a check list when visiting.

Little Concepts: ABC Shapes: Beyond Squares and Circles to Cubes and Squircles

ABC shapes is a rather fun read all about shapes. Show young readers that there are shapes beyond squares and circles and introduce them to quatrefoils and reuleaux triangles and more. It is an alternative to a typical ABC book and shows children the connection to new concepts.

A is for Alice: An Alphabet Book By Lewis Carroll.


This is a stylish alphabet book using the theme of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. This sturdy board book is enjoyed by both my girls.


This sturdy board book is enjoyed by both my girls.

Each page is filled with a super illustration of characters and objects from the world of Alice. The illustrations are captivating and the Victorian style is to be appreciated. I also approve of the clean background used on each page which doesn’t distract or confuse young ones.

The letter of each alphabet is clearly printed and each illustration is captioned. This is such a great book for fans of Lewis Carroll’s work and also for those who are wanting to introduce the alphabet with more of a story theme.

I am sure many young and older fans of Alice in Wonderland will enjoy this book.

Do you and your young ones have a favourite ABC picture book?

Disclaimer: Books included are mainly our books but thank you to publishers also. All words and opinions are my own.  This post contains affiliate links.


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